10 Top destinations to visit this new year

by Emma

Visiting can be a fun only when the mind is aware of the choice of places which is to be visited. A blind thought can lead you to wastage of time and money. Time and occasion obviously matter while planning a trip. Going with the family or friends, going on a honeymoon and to plan trip on new year, are different kind of experiences, one would love to have. Therefore, the choice of places for all the experiences would be completely different. Here is a list of few best places which should be at the top of the list while planning a trip

Los Angeles: USA: LA have multiple places to visit and tremendous things to do. Vintage Hollywood, Paramount Picture Studio TCL Chinese Theatre and Hollywood walk of fame are for the tourists who are film buff. Beaches in LA must be travelled for a peaceful sunbath. For the feeling of high status tycoon, Rodeo Drive and cruise Sunset Boulevard would be best for window shopping as the vendors can be easily found selling needles to stars. Disneyland trip can be considered for a daytrip if it’s not visited earlier or if kids are the part of trip.

Venice, Italy: Venice is populated and crowded during summers but it is the best place to travel during the winter at the starting of the new year as it comes out be a silent, peaceful and pollution free. From, baroque architecture to its gondola rides in the fog and fabulous food and drinks, are its heart whelming attractions. The winter scenery of Venice is best for the photography and to take back the memories at home for cherishing life time. Light snow fall can be a magical and exceptional experience.

Ontario, Canada: Ontario is Canada’s fourth largest provincial state in area and the most populated state out of all provinces. Multiculturalism in this state is something, which can be an attraction to feel like home for the tourists because the variety of food in lots of magnificent restaurants and intra-cultural shopping material can be easily found here. It can be a heaven in the new year for those, who love skating due to freezing of ‘Rideau Canal’ and hundreds of tourists come here to enjoy on the ice. It offers the variety of historical places and museums to travel as well.

Moscow, Russia: Travelling Moscow in winter is a fairy tale come true. The beauty of its hills, squares, churches, landscapes and the shower of snow and tremendous other things, which can be visited to kick start a new year. Sparrow hills, red square, Garage museum, Cathedral of Christ church, Novodevichy Convent; where the royalties were kept as prisoners in order to disagreement for something, are the best places to visit in Moscow. The view would be found all covered with snow during the start of new year.

Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town is among the places which can be at prior list of travelling of any person who loves travelling. Modern infrastructure, world-renowned natural beauty and prominent weather all of the year, is the best thing about Cape Town. Table Mountain is the revolutionary mark of it. The Constantia Vineyards is a masterpiece of Architecture to catch the intension of visitors. Along with this, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, is one of the world’s great botanical kingdoms and held variety of amusement functions like, picnics, musical concerts, parties from classical to modern type.

Dubai: Dubai is the one of the finest place to travel in Asia and the best thing about it is that it very pocket friendly that an average person can dare to visit here. It is somehow the hub of Asians during the new year. Burj Khalifa, Atlantis, beaches and the lavish malls are the eye catching attractions of Dubai.






Tokyo, Japan: Japan’s capital is busier than the other cities if it. It is the mixture of high-tech as well as classical people and places. Neon-lit skyscrapers to its world renowned historical temples will always be complimented. Opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is recognized for its towering gate and the surroundings covered with woods. Range of museums from ancient to modern are worth to visit during the new year.


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