5 Reasons To Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

by Emma

Nestled in the splendid mountain peaks, the immense Inca Ruins (a large 15th-century Inca city) set high at 7,970 ft above sea level has been a holy-grail destination for the world’s travelers. It is known to be the symbol of the Incan Empire and has been named as one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World in the year 2007 also, has been a UNESCO-acclaimed site. After so many years of its discovery, its usage is still a mystery to the world. There are many fallacies to the purpose of constructing such an immense citadel.

A trip to this historic sanctuary surely binds you with a living history experience. There are endless reasons to add this to the top of your trip to Peru. Here, we have compiled 5 reasons that will compel you to add this to your itinerary.


Nurturing diverse Flora and Fauna

The Incan citadel is not only a cultural heritage that demonstrates a nifty local culture but also fosters a diverse ecosystem. That implies the place is a great spot for all the nature-lovers. The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu takes care of about 10% of the fauna and 22% of the flora. On the way to the citadel, you might witness many of the hazy creatures.


Exhibits A Panoramic View

The Incan symbol is set amidst a spectacular view that etches your mind with unforgettable scenery. As you bump the giant ruins the clouds and fog dissipate uncovering the citadel. This is surely a worthy encounter. If you want to capture the best view of Machu Picchu- climb Huayna Picchu a mountain 8,835 ft rising over Machu Picchu. The trek renders an even better view of Machu Picchu and gives you epic shots for your Instagram feed or even you can shot awesome YouTube videos or if none of these you can relish and immerse in the majestic view.


The Impressive Architecture

A trip to Machu Picchu is an opportunity to discover the architectural works of the Incans. You’ll be amazed to see such a fine architectural feat back in the 15th-century. The citadel is on its own an epitome of the finest work of man without the use of mortar. The dry-stone walls crafted to small shapes are quite intriguing for the world. The alignment of such a vast creation and panoramic view is a priceless meet.


The Unsolved Mystery

The purpose of the place is surrounded by many fallacies that still has no definite conclusion. Some think that the ruins were built as a property for the great Inca Pachacuti and some believe it to be a pilgrimage site in which the Incas gathered to pay tribute to their leader. When the word mystery affixes to any site it just pops our curiosity, right? So, to find out your version of its usage, pin this as your must-visit spot. We’re sure you’ll be fascinated and fasten to the vast ruins throughout your trip; the Machu Picchu is that fascinating!


The Intriguing History

Machu Picchu is wrapped in a vast and powerful history which is an astonishing quest for the entire world. A trip to Machu Picchu brings you closer to the vast and strong history of the Incans and the finest architectural stroke Machu Picchu. The place also rolls you with the history of its explorer Hiram Bingham III who discovered Machu Picchu in 1911. It is also known as to the legendary Lost City of the Inca. You’re not to blame if you never wish to leave the citadel and want to know more and more about the long history.

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