7 Beautiful Castles To Visit In Czech Republic

by Joseph

Situated in Central Europe, The Czech Republic or Czechia is famous for its ancient castles illustrating the rich and eventful history of the country. These castles will take you to the medieval period. Here is a list of some of the beautiful and amazing Czech castles that you should visit.

1. Bouzov Castle:

built in the early 14th century, Bouzov Castle is located in the Central Moravia. Various film shootings have also been done in the Castle’s premises because of its picturesque qualities. Neo-Gothic chapel equipped with Gothic altar is the major attraction of the Bouzov castle. The best way to explore the castle is with a guided evening tour where staff members wear period-suitable outfits.

2. Karlstejn castle:-

It is one of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic. Charles IV, the Roman Emperor and Bohemia king, established Karlstejn castle in 1348 AD to safeguard holy relics, crown jewels and other precious treasures of the Roman Empire. You may also get a chance to touch the duplicate of the Czech Royal jewels preserved inside the castle, isn’t it great.

3. Prague Castle:

Built in the 9th century, Prague castle is the world’s largest ancient castle as per the Guinness Book of World Records. The tourist can walk around several incredible palaces, gardens, courtyards and museums. Prague Castle was a seat of power for Bohemia kings, Roman Emperors and Czechoslovakia Presidents.

4. Kost Castle:

Kost Castle is the best architectural masterpiece in the Czech Republic. This 15th century castle is also called bone castle because its walls are as hard as bone and no one succeeded in conquering it. You can choose anyone out of the two tours of the castle, one will make you familiar with interiors and rooms whereas the another one will focus on scary torture chamber.

5. Cesky Sternberk Castle:

Sternberk family founded this castle in 1240 and still owned it. This Gothic castle will take you to the back 13th century and offer a memorable experience. Here you can find 15 furnished rooms, mostly constructed in Baroque style. Knights’ Hall is one of the most liked rooms decorated with stucco. In addition to this, you will see stunning candelabra, hunting trophies, paintings and beautiful furniture.

6. Pernstejn Castle:

Pernstejn Castle rests on rock depicting Gothic and Renaissance style architecture. It is interesting to know that  Pernstejn Castle is the castle which has never been conquered. The visitors can view 16th century paintings and inscriptions. This 13th century castle is also known by the other name i.e. Marble Castle due to its marble-like stone utilized in framing the doors and windows.

7. Krivoklat castle:-

It is one of the oldest castles in the Czechia. Krivoklat castle was established in the 13th century for the noble and wealthy family Přemyslids. There are many things to explore here like Gothic paintings, vaulting of the Royal Hall and library with collection of over 52,000 different books.








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