Activities to do when you are in South Korea

by Zoe

South Korea is getting fame and popularity and has now become one of the famous places people like to visit. Known for its technology, history, pop culture, and amazing cuisine, South Korea is a wonderful place to spend a great vacation at. This is the place where you can visit the old and historic towns and palaces and at the same time can visit the metropolitan cities with skyscrapers and technology. South Korea is one of the wonderful countries that you can visit and have a memorable vacation in. you can go from visiting Buddhist temples to enjoying a vibrant nightlife in Seoul to enjoying fresh seafood at Jeju to having a great beach day at Busan.
There are so many things that you can do when you are in South Korea.

1: Enjoy Korean cuisine

Korean food is famous across the globe. How can you miss such a delicious cuisine when you are in the country itself. When you are in South Korea it is a must to try most of the famous dishes and also try some of the local delicacies. You should try different kinds of street food as well as food from expensive restaurants. Street food is one that you should not miss when you are here. There is such a wide range and variety of street food that you have.

2: Walk around the capital city

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea is a must-visit place during your stay. This is the city where you can see tall skyscrapers and a royal palace. You can go and explore the historic places and get to know about the history and architecture of the country and can also go and have fun in the metropolitan side of Seoul. This city is a blend of old and new. If you want to enjoy your time in Seoul try to explore the city by walking around. You can eat at beautiful cafes, have a nice time at a club, visit the old village and so much more.

3: Visit Jeju Si island

Jeju Si island is located on the southwest coastline. This is a wonderful place, full of nature and delicious fresh seafood. This island is rich in history and culture and if you visit the place during the season you can get to see beautiful cherry blossom flowers decorating the island. When you are here, try to see the traditional divers that dive in the water without any types of equipment to get clams and octopus. You should hike the famous Mount Hallasan to get to see the panoramic view of the area around.

4: Explore the hanok village

This village is full of old houses or the hanoks. They are built according to the traditional architecture of Korea and visiting the village is like walking in the past. You get to know more about the history of the country. People still live in these houses, and some of those are now transformed into cafes and cultural centers. You can get here without any fee or ticket.

5: Visit temples

One of the activities that you should do is visit the hundreds of Buddhist temples in this country. These temples have so much to offer to their visitors. You can stay at the temple and can have a peaceful time here. You can meditate, learn more about the religion, get to know about the lifestyle of the monks, and have a talk with them over tea. Each temple here is built beautifully and is such a serene and peaceful place to be at.

This county has such a wonderful landscape and an amazing lifestyle. South Korea has so much to offer to its visitors. You can visit some tourist attractions and can participate in some activities when here. This country is famous for its cosmetics, pop culture, fashion and so much more. Get here and shop all you want, get to know more about your favorite band and so much more. Plan a trip to South Korea and get to experience and explore the country. Get ideas from this article and get to the places mentioned here. Have a great time and a wonderful vacation.

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