Atrápalo is a travel agency that offers leisure plans at the best price. Their slogan is movement, so they run behind the travel and entertainment deals in order to provide the best proposals. They seek and circulate in order to catch everything that interests you, because life is enjoyment, and live in the present is their motto.

When thinking about a way of communicating what is Atrápalo, the concept of SODA emerged. An acronym composed of four characteristics that they consider key to brand identity: Social, original, funny and Risky.

SODA leads us to think of fizz and freshness And so they are! They enthusiasm bubbles in the blood and believe that there is always an innovative way to reach our goals.

They are a company that considers its social, core values; constantly seeking new and original ways to get and submit offers for leisure. They do this in the most fun and risky way they found, because they believe that your entertainment is their main engine.


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