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Atrapalo is a travel agency which also offers other leisure activities dealed and administered through internet. Their philosophy is to find and offer the best promotions for your free time at the best market Price.
To accomplish their business they use the internet electronic commerce world focused on the sectors of travel agencies, flight agencies, hotels, car renting, shows, activities and restaurants turning their promotions and transforming their surplus in Internet offers.
Beside this activity of finding the best offers possible, they also keep in touch continuously with their clients to inform them always about their new promotions. Weekly they send a personalized e-mail based on their preferences, advertising them about the most interesting products for them. Afterwards the company also publishes the clientsa opinions in order to let future clients consider their references.

Atrapalo is doing a gesture of solidarity rounding up his prices. For instance if you have to pay 79.80a for a flight, you have the chance to pay 80a and these cents will be sent to different solidarity projects of Interman Oxfam and Caritas. This way, Atrapalo wants to achieve little donations in a massive way. If the customer decides to make this kind of donation, Atrapalo will give the double amount to the NGO.
Atrapalo has chosen this two NGO as the entities with they want to collaborate. And the amount of money will be equally distributed between both entities at the end of each month. NGO will decide how to distribute the money they have received between their different projects or necessities.


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