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Condor Flugdienst operates International Flight Deals to the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, North America and the Caribbean from its main base in Frankfurt Airport, with a second one at Munich Airport. After establishing its reputation as a charter airline, Condor now offers flight deals on scheduled service at discount prices to destinations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia from its US gateways in Orlando, Ft. Myers and Las Vegas. Condor also offers seasonal service during the summer between Anchorage and Frankfurt, making it the only airline offering scheduled service between Europe and Alaska.

Its most popular destination is Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which accounts for a significant number of its flights and passengers. Other major destinations include beach hot spots in Greece, Turkey and the rest of Spain. What’s most interesting, however, is its growing route map in North America. European travelers have a variety of destinations to choose from in the summer, the newest being Providence, Rhode Island, and Portland, Oregon. The reverse is true for North Americans interested in heading to Europe at an affordable price.

Since the airline is focused on the leisure traveler, prices are typically lower than other airlines. Even its business class, which is on par with most U.S. carriers offerings, is priced significantly less. Condor invited to its headquarters to learn more about what it does and how it’s increasingly catering to the stateside flyer.


Condor has 11 Boeing 767 longhaul aircraft, some of which are configured with more business class seats than others. This allows the airline to assign those aircraft to flights that have more premium demand than others. For example, Las Vegas and Seattle have significant demand in the premium cabin, and they routinely get the bigger business class cabin aircraft. All of Condor’s longhaul aircraft are fitted with fuel-saving winglets, as environmental savings are paramount to Condor and provide a major economic boost to its operation.

Safety video

The airline’s safety video takes its cue from the original funny movie from Delta, but Condor’s is probably the best of the best because it features cameos from a variety of impersonators doing the likes of Paris Hilton and Queen Elizabeth. The airline is in the process of transitioning to the new sunny heart logo, which involves a staff reinvigoration that will focus upon international awareness. This airline is becoming more of a connecting carrier than it was in the past (a fact noticed in-flight when multiple travelers were continuing on).

And in a clever nod to Delta’s safety video (hi Deltalina!), Condor has its own signature finger wag to indicate that smoking is not allowed onboard.

In my opinion, Condor business class is as good as Lufthansa’s, if not more personable. Hefty menu cards and noise-canceling headsets are distributed after takeoff.

Food and service

Aperitifs begin quickly, with large wine and cocktail glasses and packaged nuts. Refills come quickly from the same cart before the appetizer round. All in all, if one were to count the number of passes from the beverage cart, passengers on Condor are more than twice as quaffed as those on Lufthansa. The service is notably more personable, friendly and engaging.

Yes, Condor is a leisure airline, but Lufthansa’s business focus is lacking for many of its own loyal travelers. And for those that are wondering, yes, Condor used to be a subsidiary of Lufthansa before being sold off. The two carriers remain close partners, however, including via membership in the Miles & More loyalty program.

Appetizer trays are delivered swiftly after with numerous options including salads, seafood, and other amuse-bouche selections. Warm bread with olive oil follows, and the spread immediately tops the limited offering that comes aboard Lufthansa flights.

The tray is swiftly removed (be sure to snag the Condor airplane-shaped salt and pepper shakers as a souvenir; they’re thrown away afterward) to make room for the hot main dish. That is not before another pass of the beverage cart; since these flights (mostly from Frankfurt) are bound for leisure destinations, there is no excuse for not being “happy” enroute! My gnocchi with tomato sauce and vegetables was better than what I have experienced on the ground. I still long for more to this day, and the in-flight entertain


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