Convincing You to Plan a Trip to Madagascar

by Emma

Madagascar is a wonderful inland with such beautiful nature and fauna. With stunning landscapes and climatic conditions, this is an alluring place to stay at. You get to have an adventurous time here traveling across the island with the wildlife here along with different kinds of topography, and the cities and their lifestyles. Madagascar is an amazing island that you must visit and have a great vacation at. Here we are providing you with some amazing points that would be enough to convince you to arrange your next trip to Madagascar. You cannot miss this amazing place where you get the mountains, trees, forests, wildlife, beaches, the lifestyle of people and everything else. Look at the points mentioned here and then think about where your next trip can be.

Making You Decide to Book a Trip to Madagascar

1: Amazing wildlife

Amazing wildlife This is well known that Madagascar is full of stunning species of animals all across the island. This island is a gem, and travelers are extremely excited about the wildlife that is present here. This island constitutes almost 5% of the florae and fauna of the world making this one of the top reasons why people visit here. There is about a century of species of lemur across the country making them easy to spot. You can also see a variety of birds and reptiles here as well. Visit here and get a professional that would provide you with the proper tour around the areas.

2: Stunning beaches

Stunning beaches Madagascar has stunning sandy beaches that are mostly less crowded and provides proper relaxation. If you are someone who is inclined towards aquatic life and likes to see it, then you should spend your time at the beaches of Madagascar. You can see fishes of various sizes here along with coral, dolphins can be seen if you are here at the right time of the year. You can see grazing sea turtles to humpback whales here in the water. You can also dive and get to have a look at the aquatic life.

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3: Beautiful Baobabs

Beautiful Baobabs Baobabs are the trees that are known as the camel of the plant kingdom as they can hold up to thousands of liters of water and can then use when required. These trees are majestic and extremely tall and beautiful, the branches form a pattern that looks amazing. You can see the baobabs trees here in Madagascar. There are all different species of baobabs present on this island. You can get to the laces where there are all these baobabs present and view them. They make a great photographic surroundings.

4: Abundance of spices

Abundance of spices This island is the largest producer of vanilla a spice originating from Mexico. This is a lavish spice that takes a lot of effort on the plantation. There are other spices that are planted and cultivated here such as cloves, cacao, pepper, and many along with tropical fruits such as bananas and mangoes. You should plan your trip in a way that you get to enjoy a fruit season where you get fresh fruits such as a mango season in October or lychee in November.

5: Visiting Antananarivo

Visiting Antananarivo Antananarivo is an urban city with a lot of places to visit. This is different from the normal wildlife, forest, and rural landscape. This is a wonderful city where you get to see a new view of the place. This is on the cooler side as it is on the hilltop. You get to see the panoramic view by climbing the steep. Try to stay a couple of days here and enjoy your time.


This island has a lot of European influence. You get to see a touch of France outside France. If you are up for an adventurous and amazing vacation then this should be your next stop. There are so many plus points that can convince you in having a trip to one of the largest islands in the world. Enjoy your time at the beaches, play several sports, get to see the wildlife, learn about the tribes and their systems, visit different landscapes and so much more. Adding this to your list of places you wish to travel to whenever possible and plan a trip as soon as possible.

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