DFDSseaways.co.uk Review

by Lucas

DFDS Seaways offers ferries to France & Holland, with 4 passenger routes from the UK from across four ports, you can open your gateway to Europe & enjoy stunning driving routes across the continent.

DFDS’ shipping network integrates freight and passenger services. Delivering high frequency and reliable freight services to haulage and forwarding companies. They also develop and deliver industrial logistics solutions in close co-operation with producers of heavy industrial goods. For passengers, they provide great maritime experiences as well as transport services for passengers travelling by car wanting to travel around Europe and Scandinavia.

DFDS Logistics includes all land transport on roads and railways. In addition, the DFDS Logistics includes container and side port shipping activities. DFDS Seaways, The Shipping Division, covers all passenger, ro-ro and ropax activities and their associated terminals.

Relax & unwind as you set sail; World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2014. Visit their page by clicking button below. Enjoy!


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