Discover the authentic small towns in Europe

by Joseph

Europe is a dreamy place with the most spectacular beauty residing in its boundaries. If we could pick one place that is a package of beauty, architecture, culture, and adventure, it would be Europe. Everyone dreams of going to this place at least once and uncover the best experience it has to offer. Europe is the second smallest continent and is divided into seven geographic regions. Though the popular countries in Europe like France, Belgium, Spain, etc are the most visited ones, you could always go out of the box and plan your trip. A country’s authenticity and culture is known by its inhabitants. They live in the local areas and small towns which are worth visiting. If you have a passion for traveling, you will understand that traveling doesn’t mean looking for sight-seeing options alone. It means discovering that part of every country which holds values and art.

We have listed some of the best small towns in Europe that are worth visiting if you want to experience a blend of tradition and modernism. Uncover the best of Europe in the local streets!

Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is a small medieval town in Italy with alluring architectural beauty! How cool is it to uncover ancient architecture in small towns?! This small town sits peacefully on a hilltop and shows some of the most picturesque views in your sight. Surrounded by the mountainous range and lush vineyards, this place is a must-visit. You could talk to the locals and set off to explore the local streets. The gothic architecture of this place will have you by the heart and you’re sure to spend some days here. Have the best food at some really great street suppliers along with the popular ‘Classico’ which is a local wine.

Cassic, France

France is the most beautiful city ever and that’s why Cassic is like those pretty old towns we see in pictures. You’ll find a blend of countryside culture and hiking activities in the trails of this region. It is a place for the best outdoor adventure like hiking, trekking, swimming and a lot more! All the passionate adventurers will have fun at this place with a very thrilling experience. Stroll on the streets of Cassic in the day and enjoy the sunset in the evening. Pack some food and go picnic in the local area. Taste the fresh seafood from waterfront restaurants along with wine and cheese!

Spitz, Austria

Spitz is a small town village just on the outskirts of Vienna. It has some of the most amazing Vineyards, hilltop terraces, and architectural beauty. Because we are talking about Europe, you will discover architecture in every little corner! You can go on hiking trails between different villages or take a tour of the wine fields. This one is truly an Instagram worthy place so take a lot of pictures and taste every type of wine produced here. This entire region is very pretty and has some undiscovered roads to it. If you set out once, you are sure to explore the best of Austria!

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, as the name suggests, is a stunning place to visit! This village of Cesky Krumlov will impress you with wide-open space, street art, and dance, gobbling streets and medieval culture. Here you can explore some amazing castles with mindblowing architecture. If you’re the one who craves adventure, this is your place to be! Visit this republic to explore green hills surrounding the village and for the irresistible cinnamon cake on the stick. This will be a treat to the eys and to the soul!

Sintra, Portugal

This beautiful place cannot be missed from the list. It is one of the most delightful and colorful places in Europe. With a lot of royal palaces and breathtaking views, this one is like a fantasy world. Spend a good amount of time here so that you can unfold every corner of Sintra which is full of architectural beauty. It embraces a lot of colorful spots that look like we are in some fairytale village. Have the most delicious seafood at this place or visit cute little bakeries in every corner. With a combination of mountains and seaside, this must be on your bucket list now!

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