Dishes you should try in Argentina

by Zoe

Argentina is known for its good quality beef and thus has some delicious beef dishes. Not only beef but this country has many more dishes that the travelers try whenever they are in the country. If you are traveling to Argentina or are in Argentina then you should give their famous cuisine a try. A trip to any country is incomplete without trying their local food and famous cuisine. Thus you should go around and get to know more about the people and their liking and get to know about where can you get the authentic food around. We provide you with a list of dishes that you can try when you are in Argentina and have a wonderful time there. These dishes are popular in the country.
1: Dulce de Leche

Argentina is not only known for its good quality beef but the animal also provides them with good quality milk. This milk is then used to make these delicious sweets. This dish uses condensed milk which is then heated and turned into sweet and sticky. This milk jam is then used in a lot of desserts in this country. When you are here, you got to try this delicious jam in different kinds of dishes such as choc pots, helado, to even dessert empanadas.

2: Empanadas

This is a common dish that people in this country have. This is a pastry filled with either sweet or savory fillings. You can enjoy them either at a dine-in or as a take-out and have them when strolling around. In the savory empanadas, you get spiced up meat and vegetables along with cheese and other things with are then put on the pastry sheet which is folded to give the empanadas the required shape. They are then fried or baked. For the sweet empanadas, you get jam or the famous dulce de leche and the pastry is sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon.

3: Matambre arrollado

Argentina is known for its beef and thus you have to try some beef dishes when you are visiting the country. You can try steak or any other beef dish but you should also try this hearty and delicious dish. Instead of a thick slab of meat grilled and served, here you get thin slices of meat layered with vegetables, eggs, spices, and other things and then rolled up. This is then baked or grilled. This is a flavourful dish that you can have when you are here.

4: Choripán

You have to try the street food of Argentina. Choripán is one of the famous fast food that you can get. This is the go-to dish in this country. Before a game, after strolling in the market, after a long day, this is the dish people have. The dish contains beef chorizo along with grilled sausage and chimichurri with is then put between two pieces of bread. You can have a bt modification by adding peppers, onions, and other veggies to it.

5: Asado

You cannot visit Argentina and not have their national dish. Asado means barbecue and when you are in Argentina you cannot miss the famous barbecue. Spend some time of the day near the grill, barbecuing pork, meat, sausages, and vegetables. If you cannot get the experience of a nice barbecue session you should visit a dine-in to enjoy this delicious dish. If possible get the authentic barbecues aside. Top it with chimichurri and some spices and you got yourself a hearty meal. This dish is packed with different kinds of meat.

These are just some of the many dishes that you can try when you are in Argentina. This country is lively and fun-filled and you will enjoy every second you are here. There are different geographical elements in the country that provide you the benefit of enjoying all those in one vacation and one country. You get to trek and hike on mountains, enjoy time at the beach, swim in lakes, get to view penguins and icebergs, and so much more. This place has delicious cuisine to try and thus when you are here in the country make sure to try as much as you can.

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