Dishes you think are Italian but are not

Dishes you think are Italian but are not

by Lucas

When traveling to a new place you always have a list prepared. This can be a list of places to visit, this can be a list of things to shop, activities to do, or dishes to try. Well, you can enjoy your time having new dishes and exploring new places but what if we tell you that the dishes you look forward to are not even authentic dishes and you might not get them? Well, this can be the case when you are traveling to Italy. Due to movement from one place to another and the mixing of different cultures some dishes have an Italian touch but they are not authentic Italian cuisine and you might not be able to have them in the country.

Italian-inspired dishes that are not

1: Fettuccine Alfredo sauce

There is a dish named Pasta Al Burro which means pasta with butter which might be the idea of which this dish worked. This is an American version with loads of butter, cream, and other ingredients. This is a dish that would not be found in Italy. Also, this dish has seafood in it along with a layer of cheese, usually parmesan, which tells you that the dish is a fusion because people in Italy do not put cheese on seafood. They are very particular about their food.

2: Spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is a very popular dishes and are staples in America. You can see this dish being cooked now and then in the USA and also during the festive seasons. This dish is thought to be an Italian dish that is enjoyed in so many countries and places but in reality, you would not find this dish in Italy. This is because the method to prepare is to cook the pasta and sauce separately and then eat it by putting the sauce over the pasta when needed, Italian never put the sauce in pasta. It’s the other way round.

3: Garlic Bread

Italians use a lot of garlic and cheese and thus this dish might have come into existence but you would not get garlic bread with your pasta in Italy. They eat bread but it is not slathered with butter, garlic, and cheese. This is a dish that is famous across the globe and is thought to have an Italian origin but in reality, you might not get it in authentic Italian restaurants. You can enjoy a good piece of bread with olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese.

4: Pepperoni Pizza

There is a bit of confusion when it comes to this dish. In Italy, pepperoni is actually a small green pepper and not the red spicy salami that is topped on the pizza in America. Thus when you would go to Italy and order pepperoni pizza you might not get what you were asking for. Salami and peppers are two different things and thus you might not get the pepperoni pizza you enjoy in the states here in Italy. Make sure you know what you are ordering in Italy.

5: Penne Alla Vodka

People have this dish a lot due to its tangy and creamy flavors. The dish has rich creamy along with a nice tomato sauce. But in Italy, people do not mix tomato sauce and cream or vodka. Thus you know this dish, that gets fame and popularity is not even an authentic Italian dish. This is a fusion that you can enjoy having but you might be careful because you would not get this dish in Italy.

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This list prepares you for the dishes you have to omit from your list and not get the shock of not having them there in Italy. Italian food has seen so many changes depending on the place they are as people tend to customize things according to their taste and flavors thus some things might be famous in your country as an Italian dish but that might not even be in Italy. Thus only look for dishes that are authentic to the country when you are traveling. You need to know before you travel. Look for all the other dishes that might be seen in Italian but you might not find in the country.

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