DRD.com.tr Review

by Joseph

DRD is the pioneering the development of operational fleet leasing sector in Turkey Founded in 1998, the DRD Fleet Leasing, today 25,000 more than a fleet of vehicles, widespread 1,200 contracted service network across the country, in every sector serves a local and global 5,000 units more customers.

DRD, the basic processes in the sector with corporate competencies leading brand promises a professional fleet management experience to the position and had the privilege to organizations that partner.

Turkey’s largest fleet of rental brand all domestic capital DRD, long-term value to its customer portfolio with strategic plans and understanding of service beyond expectations.

Customer requests and the operational fleet management process begins with an analysis of the needs, DRD, best suited to the business models of organizations in different sectors can make a difference by developing alternatives.

DRD operational fleet rental business:

– high quality standards,
– strong financial structure,
– Based on many years of industry experience,
– advanced technological infrastructure,
– customer-oriented service concept,
– With extensive service network covering all regions, it makes the difference.


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