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With offices in Amsterdam, Zurich and Herzliya, Israel, and lightning-fast translation into seven languages in one click of the mouse, EasyToBook inspires a fair amount of confidence for those planning a vacation that involves multiple time zones. Click on “More Destinations” and you’ll see what we mean. This hotel booking site offers hotel deals in 16 African countries, 28 Asian countries and many, many more. Your Ghajnsielem hotel deals await. This site can also find you hotel deals in Vegas, but don’t expect a great bargain. While this site appears to do international travel very well, its prices were much higher than other services we tested.

This hotel booking website is pretty good when it comes to features. Once you get an initial list of lodging in your destination city for the dates of your vacation, EasyToBook will make that list more specific by organizing it according to popularity, price, star rating and proximity to landmarks. EasyToBook had far less filters than the best hotel booking services, but they offer at least one high quality one – the extensive proximity filter. It’s a really nice feature if you are going to an unfamiliar city and just know one or two things about what you will be doing. In most cases the searches we did listed a wide range of landmarks, including beaches, universities, airports and more.

First Look
On the homepage the first thing that jumps out at me is the is the ‘Find Hotel Deals’ search box. This is exactly what I want from a hotel booking site, chances are I’ve come to the site because I know where I’m going and want to quickly and easily book a hotel.

The rest of the homepage is cleanly set out offering stats from users of the websites. It also has a featured destination and popular hotels if you have come looking for some inspiration for your next getaway or perhaps just cheap hotels around the world with up to 80% off some stays and no extra charges.

How Does It Work?
As mentioned above the search box is right there in front of you. Just simply enter the destination you are interested in, the dates and number of people and you’re away.

A list of results is displayed but unlike many comparison sites you are able to get the information you want all on this page rather than having to click through each individual hotel.
Rooms availability and rates are clearly shown on the results page so you won’t be disappointed about unavailability after clicking through like on many sites I have used in the past. One of my favourite features about this page is the option to ‘show the map’ on each hotel. Again this doesn’t load to a new page wasting time but instantly expands the box showing you the location of the hotel.

Once you’ve found a hotel that has a room you are interested through you can click through for more details such as a full list of details, more pictures and previous customer reviews.

Comparing prices with competitors
A quick look around on their competitors websites showed the prices and offers matched. No surprises really as the information is updated by the hotels. Also easytobook.com offer a price guarantee if you can find a lower price elsewhere. In my experience prices are usually the same on most booking sites (depending on how they take their commission) so you it’s more about the user experience than the price.

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