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eBookers is an online travel booking website found at eBookers.com that claims they can help their customers find the guaranteed best prices for a wide variety of their travel reservation needs, from flights to hotels to car rentals and more.

How Does It Work?
Like any other travel booking website, travelers can simply go to eBookers.com, choose what category of booking you would like to make, from flight, hotel, flight and hotel, car rentals, cruises, enter your specific information, and then search for what available prices and deals they can provide for you. They also provide a general search of available Deals and Holidays for customers to browse through in circumstances where they don’t have specific travel plans but are interested in seeing what options are available.

Cost/Price Plans
Costs and prices of flights and other travel arrangements will vary depending on your personal needs and preferences. However, they do offer a Best Price Guarantee to their customers.This guarantee generally says that if customers find a lower price online, eBookers.com will refund you the difference in price after you have completed your travel. However, there are specific requirements which apply to this guarantee depending on the type of booking you have made. Please refer to their online Terms & Conditions for these specifics.

Mobile Options
Currently EBookers.com has a mobile app that is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Refund Policy
Once you find the travel arrangements you would like to make and finalize them, you will have to work with the company from which you actually purchased the tickets or completed reservations to determine what refund options are available to you.

Customer Service Contact Info
Unfortunately this website does not off their users any general published contact information. Instead they provide a variety of links on their website which will direct you to the proper online places depending on the information you need.

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