Emergency supplies to pack for a road trip

by Emma

Going on a trip doesn’t always have to be flying abroad, there are plenty of other ways to unwind from your daily life and begin a journey to adventure. Sometimes the best way to make yourself relieved of all the stress and chaos that’s going in your mind is to take a road trip. Believe it or not, taking a road trip comes with its own set of benefits. It not only makes you step out of your comfort zone and helps you become better as a traveler, but it also makes you realize a few things, most importantly, the life lessons that you learn in the process. While road trips are incredibly fun and adventurous, it doesn’t take much for things to take a wrong turn, leaving you in the middle of a troublesome situation. Emergencies can arise anytime, while nobody wishes to face any emergency situation, certain things are unpredictable and there’s nothing you can do to avoid them except for being prepared for them in advance. And that’s when essentials packing comes into the picture.

It’s always good to be one step ahead of your planning and be a smart packer. Instead of packing all the unnecessary items, stuff these emergency supplies in your car, which will come super handy when you find yourself in the middle of a roadside emergency situation. Just make sure to review everything and add supplies according to the length of your trip.



While your cellphone and its charger are the two most important electronics items to carry, there are other important items you shouldn’t miss out on. To be able to navigate the area and to make sure that you don’t get lost, make sure to carry a GPS or map. Apart from carrying flashlights, always bring extra batteries for them, so that when you run out of one, you will have a backup.


Car maintenance

The last thing you want is your car turning its back on you. It’s extremely important to keep it in the best shape to ensure that your journey goes smoothly without any defaults or problems. However, like we mentioned earlier, emergencies can arise anytime, therefore, you should bring along all the car maintenance supplies with you. A few things like a small toolbox (containing duct tape, screwdrivers, hammer, allen wrenches), jack (for changing the tire, a spare tire (for those times when your tire goes flat), rags, tire gauge, funnel, oil, gas can, car repair guide, and other supplies that plays an important role in the maintenance of your car should always be carried along during a road trip.


Safety essentials

Nothing is more important than your own safety and it is one thing that you can’t compromise with. Therefore, when it comes to packing for safety essentials, make no mistake, and don’t forget to pack the most important items in your bag. It’s good to prioritize your safety first and you should be prepared for any kind of scenario during the trip. Carry a first aid kit (containing all the essential supplies), emergency reflector triangle (to make your vehicle visible to others during an emergency), water, fire extinguisher, nonperishable and canned food items, credit card, emergency contact list, and any other item that feels important to you.


Miscellaneous things

Apart from packing all the essential things, make sure to add some miscellaneous things to your luggage as well. They might not be as important as others, but they will come in super handy at times. Bringing a pen and paper will allow you to share some important information with others and it can also be used to put on your windshield as a note when the need comes. You might also wanna carry a book so that you can keep yourself occupied during your spare time. You can also choose to carry weatherproof outerwear and a mirror.

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