Essential things to know before visiting the country

by Zoe

China, the most populated country in the world as well as the world’s third-largest country by area is truly one of the best destinations to visit in Asia. The country is one of its own kind which has a very unique traveling experience to offer to every traveler. It’s a land of diverse range of traditions and experiences altogether that will keep you occupied throughout your stay in the country. From iconic attractions and historical sites to adrenalizing experience and delicious cuisines, china is a country that is unlike any other and has a plethora of things that you can see and do here. But before that, it’s vital to know a few things ahead of visiting the country so that you can spend your days in the most hassle-free and fun ways.

Listed below are a few things that every traveler must know before visiting the country.

Cash is mostly preferred in the country

Although you would be able to pay for goods and services using your card but just to be on the safer side, always carry some extra cash with you. Yuan or renminbi is the official currency of China, and this currency is a little difficult to obtain in other countries. But you can use ATMs of international banks to withdraw some local currency. It is very common in the country to pay with cash and that’s precisely why you would need to carry local currency as no other currency including the US dollar and Hong Kong dollar are acceptable here. ATMs are widely available throughout the country, when in need you can always withdraw some cash.

Don’t drink tap water

The consumption of tap water is considered to be very unsafe and undrinkable as it can cause sudden gastrointestinal discomfort. Chinese tap water is known to contain an unhealthy level of heavy metals which can be extremely harmful for one’s health. The locals avoid consuming tap water and so should you. On the contrary, you can always make use of bottled water which you can easily find at the stores and restaurants. Try to follow this throughout the country and avoid having things that have anything to do with tap water, for instance, ice cubes. Always prefer bottled water for drinking as well as toiletry needs including brushing your teeth.

Tipping isn’t necessary

Unlike many countries like the USA, here in China, it’s not necessary to tip at restaurants, cafes or for any kind of goods and services. While you can do it voluntarily but no one would specifically ask you to tip as they do not believe in this tipping culture. While some first-class restaurants may include gratuity on the bill, but leaving cash on the table as a tip is not preferred here.

Relish some street food

When in China, you surely cannot miss out on relishing its tempting and delectable street food. To get the taste of authentic Chinese food, china’s street food market is the choice of destination for you. You will find an abundance of places to try street food throughout the country, while some may look a little unsafe and unhygienic to you but you will also find a plethora of other safe options to indulge in its mouth-watering and delicious food. Look for the restaurants where you will see a good crowd of locals and you will be good to go. From sweet treats to savory delight, there’s everything for everyone to satisfy their food cravings. Banmian (noodle soup), jianbing (crepes), huo guo (hotpot) are some of the dishes you would want to include on your list.

Learn a few Chinese phrases

While English may not be the official and most prominent language in the country, but you still would find many locals who can interact with you in this language. Standard Chinese, also known as mandarin is the official language of the country and it’s always wise to learn a few local phrases especially when visiting a country that doesn’t expertise in English. Learning a few Chinese phrases would always come handy especially when you find yourself in an unexpected situation.

Sing hui- nice to meet you

Xie Xie- thank you

Duibuqi- sorry

Ni hui Suhl Ying yu ma- do you speak English?

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