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by Zoe

Florida’s most famous destination Miami is home to the best beaches with great views and a lot of tourists. Miami is a power-packed destination with some of the best attractions that are not only beautiful but also worth a visit once in your lifetime. With a chill vibe in the air and culture treasure on the streets, you will get to experience one of the most diverse cultures on earth. There are a lot of things you can do here from exploring the beaches to visit the museums or artsy centers and fashionable chic markets. Everything that Miami has is extraordinary and far away from the real world. You will get lost in the magical air of this one and have an unforgettable experience.
Have a look at the most visited attractions in Miami and plan your vacation right away!

Visit the iconic Miami Beach

The foremost place you should go to in Miami is the popular Miami beach. The vibe of this one is something else and you will know it once you step here. The famous Miami Beach is one of the most fun and power-packed entertainment areas where you can have a dose of everything you wish. It is located on a barrier island and is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges. You can visit any time of the day and find this beach in full frolic. There are a lot of fancy restaurants, seaside cafes as well as shops for your strolling and exploring. If you are here, do not forget to have a look at the Ocean drive, which is the most popular street in this area.

Stroll at South Beach

Another major attraction in Miami is South Beach which is not only a tourist attraction but a weekend getaway for localities as well. A fully-packed entertainment center, SoBe, as it is called in Miami, you can swim in deep blue water here and have a chilled out time with your family and friends. With an adjoining neighborhood, this one experiences a lot of foot traffic. You can spend a good amount of time here dipping in the sea or just sitting at the shore with a brew in your hand. Watch for the beautiful views in the evening during sunset and cruise along the beach.

Discover the Jungle island

Apart from beaches, Jungle island is one of the most popular tourist places in Miami. There are a lot of beaches to explore in Miami and after you are done with it, head to this Jungle island. If you are someone who loves adventure and wildlife, this place is your definite pick. Jungle Island is located on Watson island which is nearby to Miami. There is not much hustle involved in getting to this place. This sanctuary features distinct breeds of birds, exclusive wildlife as well as botanical gardens. All those who have a zeal to uncover the hidden gems in the beauty of nature can visit this place for a fun all-day outing.

Explore the Art Deco Historic District

Exploring the beaches, discovering the wildlife and then going to an artsy center- what a great Miami trip! If you are done exploring the wild side of Miami, it is time to explore the artsy corners. The Art Deco Historic District is worthy of all your time. This beauty is an architectural piece standing tall since the 1930s. What glory does it have! With such an amazing structure and designing, this Art deco building is famed for its pastel-colored buildings as well as neon signs. They are of different sizes to attract the crowd and that’s why it is claimed to be one of the most unique sites in Miami.

Bayside Marketplace

As the name suggests, this is a huge marketplace in Miami known for its amazing views. You can simply grab a coffee and sit on the bayside for spectacular views. A large outdoor mall with as many as 150 shops, this one also features a lot of cute cafes as well as restaurants for your ultimate visit. You can shop here a lot of unique things and souvenirs of Miami. You can also stroll on the side and have a good time clicking pictures. The shops are amazing, the food is incredible and the views are to die for. Many tourists and locals come here to soak up the atmosphere alone because there is nothing like it!

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