First-timers Travel Guide To London

by Emma

The capital of the United Kingdom is a huge draw among the visitors on a European vacation. The cultural metropolis enthralls the visitors with its rich and vibrant culture, sizzling nocturnal, pristine scenery, spectacular historical sites, and incredible shopping. London doesn’t need any introduction it’s quite a buzz among the world’s tourists.
The place is one of those that should definitely be visited at least once in life. A trip to London is everything a traveler wants- it’s packed full of fun, adventure, amazing, and exciting things. The city is a beautiful blend of antiquity and modernity. Though the city is simple and easy to excavate still planning and executing a trip to London for the first-timers can be quite overwhelming. How long to stay in London? What are the best spots to hang-out and visit? How to seek the best of the place in less time and money? Let’s be honest London is gorgeous but exorbitantly priced. A trip to London can put deep holes in your pockets. So, if you’re a beginner you should know certain tips and tricks that will help you to commence your London voyage smoothly and without breaking your bank.
The guide will help you to plan your London trip like an adept. Keep scrolling!


The Best Time To Visit The Place

Timing is everything especially if you are planning a holiday. London is an all-season place that means you can visit the place in any season you want. The best time to travel to London depends on what you actually want to explore in the city. If you want to get basked in mid-day sun- summer is your ideal time, if you will to capture the amazing Christmas decorations and fireworks winter is your time and even rainy season ( with the highest rainfall in November and august) in London is worth visiting.


Where To Stay in London

First-timers to London are confused about where to stay in London? Should we book accommodations in Central London? Is it worth splurging on hefty priced lodgings in Central London?
Central London is deemed to be the most expensive place to lodge. But, staying in Central London can save some big bucks! Everything from Central London is connected that you don’t need to pay for transportation and moving around the city would become very easy and cheap and you can explore London in much less time and at less money. So, we would definitely recommend you to stay in Central London.


How To Save Money During The Trip

A trip to London can eat away your pockets. So, if you’re a first-timer here are a few sterling tips that will help you in saving huge shells!
Book in Advance- To save your traveling expenses you should book your flights in advance. And always look for deals so that you end up saving for your itinerary.
Choose Off-beat Season- Some seasons are peak seasons to travel and everything is way too pricey! So, it’s better to travel in an off-beat season so that you’ll pay less than the fraction for the same you’ll pay in the peak season.
Look For Free Museums- London has quite a few museums where entry is free. So, do consider visiting them.
Don’t Try To See Everything- We would recommend you to plan your London itinerary for not more than 4 days. And try not to see everything. Just pick two or three bigger spots that are hype every day.


Best Places to Visit

What are the best places to explore in the city? London is brimming with pristine and notable sites all around. But, it’s not possible to capture them all. So, we have picked the best places to visit in London.
Your London vacation should include Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral (one of the most renowned churches), the Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey ( that are a perfect example of city’s rich architecture), explore some cafes and restaurants and stroll around the magnificent Hyde Park and Green Park. You can even relish the ultimate shopping experience in the city.

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