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by Lucas

FlixBus is a long-distance bus services operator of German origin. Every day FlixBus connects over 300 European cities through its transport network, offering a form of modern mobility, sustainable and affordable. With more than 10,000 daily flights to over 300 destinations in 15 countries, the green buses are an alternative to modern travelers and suitable for all budgets. A solid network of partners and an innovative booking system made FlixBus a major player in the field of mobility in Europe.

FlixBus was founded in Monaco of Bavaria by three young entrepreneurs with the goal of making sustainable mobility in a comfortable and Germany, and at the same time economic. In addition to the headquarters of Monaco and Berlin, the company is operating in Italy with offices in Milan. The company is supported in Europe by hundreds of partner companies, who contribute every day to improve the supply of FlixBus mobility. If you have a strong personality and team spirit and want to join us to expand the European market for long-distance bus, send us your application : they have the right job for you!

FlixBus is one of Europe’s leading mobility providers in long-distance buses. Unlike conventional operators FlixBus offers only long-haul, but with the convenience of a daily mobility: daily departures at regular times, from the same place, at least more than 50 km, from the arrival station for trips away to that of departure – always placed in the focal points of the city and often at the central station of the city bus. FlixBus you will always get to your destination comfortably, safely and reliably.

With FlixBus save is easy. Their tickets will do good to your wallet – and the punctuality and comfort of our buses will do well to your nerves! And then, traveling by bus is the most sustainable way there is.


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