by Lucas

Although FlySafair is a brand new low-cost passenger airline or, as they prefer to say “a high value airline”, it already boasts a proud heritage.

Founded by Safair, probably South Africa’s best known air logistics and specialised air services company, FlySafair was born from a company that already has 50 years of experience.

They like to think of ourselves as South Africa’s oldest newest airline. During that time, they have reliably and successfully transported medical supplies and food relief into inaccessible territories for the United Nations, the World Food Program (WFP) and a host of other international aid agencies.

It’s all in a days work for them to transport aid to Angola, adventurers to Antarctica, parachutists to Phalaborwa, rhinos to remote bushveld runways and sharks to Singapore.

They’ve carried freight around the world, flown in teams of people wherever and whenever they were needed and supplied back-up passenger and freight airplanes to commercial airlines on a regular basis. You could say they’re a company of adventurers. They prefer to think that they exist for the sheer love of flying.

Because they’ve been around for over four and a half decades, we’ve got a certain old-world quality you won’t find on other low cost airlines. THey think the kind of person who will fly with us at FlySafair is someone who appreciates quality, good old fashioned values and attention to detail.

But most of all, they believe the people who come with us are the kind of people who still love flying. So please, if you’re looking for an efficient, professional, reliable, low cost high value airline offering exceptional rates and good service welcome aboard FlySafair. They guarantee it will be a breath of fresh air for you. Safair is proud to launch South Africa’s “true low cost Airline” Flysafair.


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