Genius hacks to help you pack smartly for your vacation

by Emma

Packing for vacation can never be easy. With truckloads of things to carry in just one suitcase the entire process can become a little stressful as well as intimidating. From clothes and shoes to lingerie and breakable items, there are so many things that one needs to carry to make sure their vacation goes smoothly and is worth remembering for life. As long as you know how to pack smartly, you can easily make your trip worthwhile. We have made a list of some packing tips for you that will not only help you to pack light but will also keep your things organized and keep them from getting damaged.


When going for a vacation, everyone struggles with packing their clothes, especially women. Regardless of how long the duration of the trip is, we always tend to overpack a few things and end up making up our luggage more than it should have been. Well, this thing can completely be avoided as long as you are packing and folding your clothes appropriately. There’s a way that can help you go light with your luggage, and that’s by packing smart. Clothes take the most of the space, which is why they should be packing in an orderly way, and that way is by putting your shirts and jeans in a rolled manner. This will allow you to put in other things you want to carry on your vacation.


With shoes, the only problem that arises is them coming in direct contact with your clothes in the suitcase. Your shoes might not be in their cleanest or the tidiest state at the time you are taking them and that can easily lead to smelly clothes, which is why you should always carry them in a pouch or something that can cover them up properly. It’s suggested that covering them up with a shower cap will help in keeping your clothes away from any shoe smell.


We love our perfumes, and they are always one of the essentials we cannot forget taking along on our trip. But how would it feel when you find a shattered bottle inside your suitcase? Well, honestly, that would be heartbreaking because who likes finding their favorite perfume to be destroyed. And this unpleasant situation can easily be avoided by carrying your glass bottled perfumes inside the socks. You can also carry other breakable items inside your socks so as to avoid them from getting cracked or shattered.


Of course, lingerie is important, and you surely would want to carry as many of them as you can, but you should also know how to carry them without letting them take all the space in your suitcase. Placing them all over the suitcase is only going to take up unnecessary space, space which you can use to carry some of your favorites from the wardrobe. So make sure to stack all your bras together and put them in one place. This will also make sure that your bras stay in the best shape.


To kill your time while traveling, you would need something to keep you entertained and engaged for hours, and that’s what carrying earphones would do. Just plug them into your phone, and you can listen to some podcasts, music or even watch anything on your phone you like. However, earphones easily tend to get tangled, and quite honestly, seeing them all tangled makes anybody feel agitated. And it would take hours to detangle the earphones, and that’s a feeling we all just hate. To keep your earphones from getting tangled, you can place them inside your sunglass or spectacle case.

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