HoliFestival.com Review

by Joseph

They are the team that brought this beautifully colorful festival of this size in Europe and 2012 for the first time. They started in Berlin and then the festival was also held in Dresden, Hanover and Munich finally, they finished our multicolored been amazed with 12,000 visitors.

On the site, click on the city of your choice and go to the “Tickets”. On Facebook, select the page dedicated to the city of your choice. You can find this page by typing “Holi Festival of Colours (city).” Tickets are sold through their ticketing partners on our website.

For many reason, and unfortunately without exception, must be 18 to attend the Holi Festival of Colours.

Doors open from 12 hours. From 15 hours, there is a countdown every hour, during which the colors are tossed. The last launch of colors takes place at 21.50 hours. This process is the same in every city.

During our festivals, fun and party atmosphere are on the forefront. Here you will find nevertheless some information to bear in mind in order to have a memorable Holi Festival of Colours, which takes place safely.
Protection clothes. Wear white is recommended for nice contrast with the colors formed. On light-colored clothing, colored traces may remain present, however, giving a “glass” effect to your clothing. Health wise, the colors are safe.

Security during the event. It is not allowed to bring their own food and drinks his own field. The glass is prohibited everywhere.

Security by buying tickets. Official tickets for the festival are only available through our official partner, Solucionis. Other tickets will not be valid the day of the festival and will not be accepted.

Safety compared to the limit of the number of visitors. The limit of visitors is established in each city. When all tickets are sold, other people will not be allowed on the field.

Safety through vigilance. Security guards will be on the ground to ensure your safety. There is also always an emergency doctor and an ambulance – just in case.


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