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Whether you’re researching cities and prices for a trip or backpacking and looking for a last-minute hotel or hostel in cities like London, New York, Barcelona, Berlin or Milan, HostelBookers is the quickest and easiest way to make hostel or hotel reservations.

The company HostelBookers has operated for seven years and is staffed with over 100 people. It spun from MBI MBO Ltd in 2006. The CEO and Founder of MBI MBO Ltd and the Chairman of HostelBookers is Bryan Duffy. He has been HostelBookers’ Chairman since 2004. Duffy has an Economics degree from Hull University. His interests, according to his LinkedIn account, range from tennis, golf to opera and politics. does not have any service or booking charge and prides itself in this, Its goal is to provide the young travellers, students or those looking for a cheap travel alternative the choices that would fit their budget. Other company tenets are their Lowest Price guarantee and their removal of poor-performing properties from their website.

HostelBookers reviews on their own advertised ratings: they have a 94% figure of users who’d recommend the online travel agency to a friend. When you look at their official website, you’ll see that it only occupies the left hand portion of your screen as is its design. The simplicity of its appearance makes you think that it is more professional, but whether or not that is so will depend on other HostelBookers reviews.

Its main offerings is hostels and hotel accommodations. Surely enough, they have searches for these, specials from various destinations and travel deals up to 50% off.

This HostelBookers review sees that the website is a great one if you want to try out a booking service with no fees, and probably for the first time. It’s not a risk but an experience and since the youth are one of their targets, rest assured you can get a fairly great deal from this website. Not to mention the glowing reports about it online. Trust it if you want, there are no reported incidents pertaining to it and it proves an easy, quick way to book a hotel or a hostel.

Find hostels or hotels on the go anywhere in the world using HostelBookers to book cheap accommodation.


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