How to plan an ultimate luxurious vacation?

by Lucas

If you are daydreaming about your next travel destination already, then it is time to plan it right away. And that too in style and luxury! Luxury travel burns a hole in your pocket, for sure, but it is totally worth it. The efforts, the money, and the services are of top-notch style and call for the most unforgettable trip of your life. If you want to plan this trip the lavish way, then here are some things that you can do away from the regular ones. Have a look and plan accordingly-


Book a luxury Villa

The foremost thing you must do whenever you are traveling to your next vacation is to book a fancy accommodation for yourself. And by fancy accommodation, we mean booking something luxurious and opulent. Accommodation is an extremely important factor while we are traveling because if the stay is good, the trip seems even better. Therefore, if you are traveling to a new destination, look out for lavish accommodations and pamper yourself with the best. If your sole aim is to travel in the most opulent style, then book a luxury villa or a private villa for yourself. You can even go for seaside resorts or those rooms with an indoor spa and pool. These kinds of features make for the most lavish places to live and thus, alter the vibe of the entire trip. It gives you a live-life-king-size kind of feel and that’s what you must-do if you wish to travel in luxury.


Fly Business class

The best way to travel in luxury is to travel first class and have the most lavish headstart to your destination. There is so much that one can explore while booking a business class ticket because some flights offer an extremely 7-star luxury level to your travel experience. This is one of the most expensive yet totally worth it kind of experiences. Cross oceans in a business class or you can also book a mini-suite for yourself for even more privacy. This practice ensures that you are traveling high end and also stay refreshed because it gives you a hotel-like feeling. Exclusive bookings, wine on the side, a delicious meal- absolute bliss!


Travel on a Luxury Jet

Traveling on a flight is all cool and lavish until you have traveled on a private jet. This is because flights and jets are parallel to each other but the opulence of the latter is something else. If you are thinking of planning a luxury vacation for yourself, then this is a must-do thing on the trip. A private jet might seem like it costs you a fortune but if you are willing to pay for luxury, it is nothing! You can have the most amazing time with your family or group of friends- wherever you go. This is the most convenient method to have the entire space to yourself and travel at ease. If you really want to live in luxury when on a vacation, you should consider traveling in style too. And that is why we have picked a private jet. Booking is also not a big deal. The pricing is transparent and so, you can choose various sizes of aircraft according to your preference. This will be a journey to remember for sure!


Hire your own Guide

Exploring any new destination might take a toll on you if you are totally unfamiliar. It takes a lot of research and planning to explore any place. But do you want to ruin your entire experience just because you are not aware of the local area? Well, of course not! In this case, you would have to hire a private guide for yourself. This person will take you places and help you explore the best of every destination. Moreover, when you are alone you may end up missing out on some truly amazing places and experiences. General guided tours are common for first-time travelers and require a defined schedule too. But if you hire a private guide, you will be able to have the entire place to yourself and can explore any time you want- relaxed and happy!


Go to an Island

An island is definitely the best place to visit if you are thinking of traveling in luxury. This is because islands have this pristine vibe and keep you secluded from the rest of the world. Since islands are usually far from the hustle-bustle of the city, they have luxurious services at your doorstep. A visit to the island is going to be the most amazing vacation of your life for all the right reasons. There are a plethora of luxury villas, resorts, attractions and things to do on an island that you won’t otherwise spot in the city. So, an island vacation is a big yes for traveling in luxury. You can book a ferry service from the city to the island and at least spend more than two days for a proper feel.

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