by Lucas

illicotravel is born from the collaboration of two young entrepreneurs who have prepared a simple fact: there is no Internet comparator trip complete, convenient and intuitive.

illicotravel is the new generation of travel comparison. Their meta-search engine in real time the best offers available on French travel sites and offers results in less than one minute. Now you will not waste your time manually browse for hours travel websites in search of the cheapest air ticket or car rental prices. All you need to query the engine of illicotravel to compare all the sites you know and many more!

But the interest of their website does not end there. What good offer you the best results if their reading is not intuitive, as is the case on many sites. So they focused on developing a single interface in the world comparing travel. Once your results, you can instantly filter these results against the criteria that interest you.

For example, imagine you are looking for a flight Paris – Rome. So you do a search with our engine. You get a list of results presented in a table. Now, as you want a direct flight and you want to leave between 9am and noon, you want to hide results that do not interest you. Using the filters on the page of results, you get the flights meet these criteria without having to redo the search. Your decisions will be even easier. Once this is done, a simple click on the result you are interested redirects you to the relevant page of the Website.


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