Interesting and Quirky Things To Do In Amsterdam

by Emma

Amsterdam is wrapped with a lot of amusing things: beautiful canals, red-light district, windmills, cheese markets, coffee shops, canal-side cafes, and stunning architecture. The city is a popular tourist spot for all those who are planning to visit Europe. The rich past, sizzling nocturnal, and laid-back culture pin the destination on every world-travelers bucket-list. There is so much unusual in the city -explore 165 canals, 1000 bridges, buildings dating back to the 13th century, royal palace, Dam Square, and the list goes on.

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam here is the list of some interesting things that without trying these no Amsterdam vacation is complete. Do add these to your itinerary and we bet, your Amsterdam itinerary would be infused with a unique touch.


Visit Torture Museum

The visit to The Torture Museum is packed with an unusual experience. The museum preserves the past ways of torturing- yes how criminals or anyone who disobeyed the law were punished which we guess is a very interesting thing to witness- “the dark side of history”. It is composed of dark corridors and various prints that display the ways people were tortured in the past. The prints are available in various languages so that every visitor can understand. Apart from the prints and dark corridors, there are a few instruments also.
Add this to your itinerary to discover something peculiar on your Amsterdam vacay!


The A’DAM Tower

Initially, built to be an oil company the spot has been renovated to become the city’s one of the amazing attractions. The 22-story tower offers a jaw-dropping view of the city. The tower is composed of a giant swing that is known to be the highest swing in Europe. You’ll swing back and forth at an elevation of nearly 100 meters above the city, how exciting and action-packed is that, right? The entry cost to the A’DAM Tower is 12.50 Euro for adults and 6.50 for children (less than 12 years). If you wish to avail of the swing you have to pay an additional 5 Euro.


Begijnhof Chapel

The church is dedicated to Saint John and Saint Ursula and is one of the city’s oldest central courtyards basically a hidden one with a hidden church that you can get access to through a small door. As soon as you enter the place you witness a different Amsterdam, diverse from the city’s hustle and bustle this is a perfect spot to calm and relax. The little chapel is worth spending 30 minutes of your trip and unwinds you to the religious secrets of the city.


Electric Ladyland

The only museum in the world dedicated to the wonders of fluorescence and is surely one of the most awe-inspiring and thrilling sites of the city. The museum has preserved otherworldly shapes that look impressive when the black light comes on- the stones blow up with a speck of electric color. The main attraction of the museum is its experiential room that features vast assortments of rocks and elements that respond to UV light. The museum binds you with a unique experience, therefore a definite addition to your itinerary.


Evening Canal Cruise

When in Amsterdam you should definitely take a canal cruise. It’s the best way to spend your evenings amidst water setting offering a different hue of the city with thousands of lights illuminating all around. The evening cruise is about a 90-minute cruise with music, dance, fun, and food. Experience the beautiful city through waters and you’ll fall in love how spectacular it looks. To assure you don’t miss the cruise book your slot in advance.

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