Jet Airways – Indian international airline

by Emma

Jet Airways is a major Indian international airline based in Mumbai. India’s premier international airline which provides you with one of the finest experiences across the skies. High standards of service and reliability, efficient operations and focus on innovation has enabled us become one of India’s favourite domestic and international airline.



You can make timely reservations without a hassle through their Jet Airways online booking system. Although the customer service helpline is available 24/7, you will never need to dial them as their system is real time and so user-friendly. You just need to log in and get your reservation done. Through online system, you can easily access to the updated flight schedules, flight status, and other important information.



Jet Airways strives to become the leading airliner of the world aviation industry. With its affordable airfares and quality services, Jet Airways is a highly economical airline which serves its customers best and without a glitch in the flight schedules. Also, from the convenience of its seasoned customers and probably passengers, state of the art e-ticketing facility is available which can be accessed anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.


Jet Airways offer a great traveling experience with a warmth of Indian hospitality that is perfectly integrated with the international expertise Jet Airways has expanded its operations at a very fast pace. Currently, this Indian carrier covers 76 destinations including 52 national and 24 international airports. Neither it’s a myth or a presumptuous statement that Jet Airways flies every five minutes and connects its passengers to their desired destinations.


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