KlikHotel.com Review

by Zoe

Klikhotel.com is one of the online reservation service providers in Indonesia. Commonly known as Online Travel Agent. Thousands of domestic hotels are ready to be easily, comfortably, and safely booked and international hotel network will soon follow in the 2015’s. And please welcome our newest feature : hundreds of domestic airlines can be booked without any hassle through Klikhotel.com.

Klikhotel.com founded by CV Anugerah Lestari Fajar Adhika Teknologi (CV ALFA Teknologi) located in Bandung. Developed from scratch at the beginning of 2009, the Klikhotel.com system lived to serve the people of Indonesia in late 2010. By building the system from scratch, we can easily do development-friendly system for the Indonesian people.

They believe customer satisfaction above all else, for which they provide customer care services, which equipped with knowledge about the world of traveling to meet all the needs of you in finding the best place for vacation, business trip, or other purposes. Do not hesitate to ask the way to hotels, tourist attractions, culinary and others, their customer care personnels are ready to assist you.

Various ways of payment are applied in our system for your convenience in making instant reservations. Proof of transactions , vouchers and tickets are electronic will be received via email and SMS after the payment is confirmed successful. Just show SMS that you have received from them at the time of checking in at the hotel you’ve been booking through Klikhotel.com and voila it’s done. Or you can print the electronic ticket that you received in an email and show it to the airport staff where you will begin your journey.

So wait no more, book now and enjoy the convenience, comfort and safety making a reservation by clicking the button below!


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