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In the beautiful Gelderland Valley, the farm Klein Ruwinkel and its lands served for centuries as an agricultural business.

In 1969 bought the 25-year-old young entrepreneur Willem van den Heuvel, husband Hennie Kuipers and father of a four year old son, the farm. It was the time of the so-called butter mountains and milk lakes: there was a surplus of agricultural production.

William quickly developed a new plan for the old homestead. It was the early seventies and the camp became increasingly popular. With much love and dedication the former meadows and fields were planted with trees and shrubs and prepared for placing tents and caravans. The old cowshed the canteen of the camp was (now Mona’s restaurant) and the part of the farm (back lot), the camp store was (now pancake Hansel & Gretel).

In the summer of 1970 the young family could welcome their first guests at their boasts: Camping Klein Ruwinkel !

In the years that followed, there was born a son and in 1974 was the site for the first time completely full. Year on year brought the young entrepreneur in the winter season improvements on the campsite, including the renovation of the canteen, rental of mobile homes and the construction of an all weather tennis court.

1987 was the year of the start of a campground rather ambitious project: the construction of an indoor swimming pool. After it was completed in 1988, we wanted to receive guests all year long. This heralded the start of construction of our bungalows.

For these bungalows occupied optimum gain we sought a partnership with rental organization Creative Holiday Groningen. Small Ruwinkel became one of the first parks that operated under this flag. Together, we were pioneers in the field of holiday experience. The reservations and national advertising were provided by the booking agency, while Klein Ruwinkel led to a constant product improvement.

In the following years the Internet revolution took place: national advertising campaigns became less important and more and more attention was paid to the visibility on the Internet. Many bookings Landal Greenparks and therefore at Landal Klein Ruwinkel came through online booking sites within including , and

Landal was taken over by the American company Wyndham vacation rentals and leasing brokerage agreement between Landal Greenparks and Small Ruwinkel runs per December 31, 2014 end. After years of name changes of the booking Klein Ruwinkel and considering that competition within the chain of Landal became increasingly difficult took the family van den Heuvel decision. They returned to their base: providing personal attention to their guests Estate Ruwinkel !


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