Marriot: A Home Away from Home

by Lucas

Marriott hotel chain is not penurious for its fame in the globe. It is the most luxurious, and comfortable hotels with renowned name in hospitality. When it comes to services there cannot be any name except Marriott. Tremendous of facilities are hosted in these hotels and the amazing thing about it is that you can have online booking before you travelling anywhere in the world as this hotel chain is widely spread all over the world. An all over review is presented here to facilitate the customers for choosing Marriott’s.


Marriott is unfurling in 130 countries with 6,700 properties and more than 1.1 million rooms all around the world. It is always on the priority list of people seeking comfort out of their home. Marriott International’s portfolio is now among the Top 30 most desirable and prestigious hotels brand and includes a series of exemplary indulgence. Therefore, it is too easy accessible for the people want to enrich their experiences all over the world with no quotient of harassment.




Hardly would be the facility which is not accessible in the Marriott hotels and if it’s not there would be surely provided as per the need of the client, this is most amazing thing about it. There are deluxe, business and premier rooms with suites in almost every hotel with 24-hour room service, along with this the facility of babysitting for the couples, swimming pool, spa, fitness center, newspaper, coffee or tea making machines, safe lockers, housekeeping service daily, ATM, foreign exchange, high speed internet facility, facility of fax and other facilities matching global standard are available.


The interior of the Marriott hotels is breath-taking with exceptionally wonderful architectural designs that every person can wish to spend once his time there, by just looking at the hotels. Hotel management keep utmost care for the décor and cleanliness inside the hotel which is really noticeable while you go. Hotels enduring the commitment of exploring the greater world through travelling by Marriott at their side, to their visitors.



Expanded Loyalty Benefits:

It was said by the Executive vice president of the Marriott and Starwood that our guests have shown tremendous loyalty towards our brands and now we are seizing the opportunity to support our loyalty to them, out of this commitment they provide the best loyalty programmes by enabling members to join or link their account and immediately receive mutual status and benefits. Those benefits include exclusive excess to money can’t events in music, sports and entertainment. They also reduce the charges to their beneficial members, along with this benefit of providing access to more destinations by getting and redeeming points got by the merchandise.



Hotel Amenities:

Amenities in Marriott would definitely make you convince for the extended holidays with home like environment, cozy mornings, hot breakfast, to start your day, groceries will be delivered in the room by the staff if you’re busy, verities of food based on different themes and social gathering in the evening time will never let you complain about anything rest in life. Courtyard, lobbies, plush beddings and toiletries will always keep you feeling energizing, bath tubs to enjoy the couple baths in suites is really appreciable.

Many things needed according to the place and journey for which you are on are provided. Nothing is there which is not accessible in Marriott but still it is recommended for the first time user to review ones before you access otherwise the name of Marriott is much larger than our expectations and thoughts to be come true.


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