Master Tips for a memorable experience of the Eiffel Tower

by Emma

Offering one of the most incredible views in Paris, Eiffel Tower is arguably the most gorgeous building and tourist attraction there. It is arguably one of the best things to do in Paris and we can say it without much thinking that no trip is incomplete without visiting the Eiffel. It is an as thrilling and beautiful experience as you think it to be. Of course, it is crowded and expensive but it is totally worth it. Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in entire Europe and that is why you must go there keeping in mind some genius tips and hacks. Prep in advance to have an ultra-benefit of this gorgeous landmark.

Book tickets in advance

Whenever you are planning to visit Eiffel Tower, you should know that it is imperative to book your tickets in advance. This is because Eiffel Tower remains crowded throughout the year and you don’t want to lessen your fun by standing in long queues. Although there are peak seasons and off-seasons; it remains crowded almost all the time. So, it is better to book your tickets in advance online when you know it is a quick and convenient method. Those who just show up with no pre-booked tickets are likely to waste lots of time in the initial entry line. If you don’t want to be one of them, then this is a smart thing to do. Book well ahead in time and give a kickstart to this enthralling experience.

Take a tour guide along

A good way to have the ultimate experience of the Eiffel is to have a tour guide along with you the entire time. The thing is that private tour guides have a lot of packages and streamlined sightseeing options that can actually help in exploring the place better. Although they can add to your cost and budget a little; but they are definitely a good deal. If you are already there, then some additional bucks won’t matter. This tour guide will make sure you go to all the three levels of the Eiffel and also don’t get in the waiting lines. They will help you save your time and also give you the best of this iconic building.

Visit during off-peak season

As we mentioned earlier, the Eiffel Tower is crowded almost all year and that is why we can’t really pick an off-season for the same. But there are some times when the crowd might be just a little less than the other times. The city’s most famous landmark is highly crowded and popular all year but you can prefer going during winter because that is when there are fewer people around the Eiffel. The busiest time of year is from mid-July to late-August so you should avoid planning your trip during this time. Make sure you book your tickets during the weekdays for visiting Eiffel especially. This will help you encounter the most amazing experience of the Eiffel and that too, without much hassle.

Visit during the day as well as night time

The reason why we have asked you to visit the Eiffel twice is that it looks different at both times. The Eiffel is one of the most gorgeous landmarks in Paris and in the entire country of Europe. It has this amazing feature of lightening up during the night time. If you want to see this view then you should visit at night too. The enigma of this place during the night is something else and that is why one should not skip this visit. It lights up with dazzling lights and makes your trip worthwhile with such breathtaking views in the glorious dark skies. You’ll definitely want to see it around 10 pm when the lights sparkle. So, visit it before sunset and then at night.

Grab a meal with a view at the Eiffel Tower

You should definitely ascend on the Eiffel and grab your lunch or dinner there. There are restaurants on the first and second floors that offer the most delicious food. You should not skip eating there! This meal with the most gorgeous view will be the most memorable moment of your vacation. You can make a reservation in one of the two restaurants and have a great time with your companions. On the first floor, you will find the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant and on the second floor, you will find the Jules Verne restaurant. The former is chic and informal plus it is a great spot for a picnic. The latter is more expensive and classy.

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