by Joseph is the official website for the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. The company’s motto is: “You are the centre of our world” and it really keeps up with it because the company offers destination all over the world. The most popular destinations are: Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, Manila, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

The Millennium Alaskan Hotel is rated with A-. However, the company is not BBB accredited. One single complaint has been filed in the last three years regarding some problems with the product or service. There are neither significant government actions involving the website nor any reports concerning its advertising. There is also a page on the website where all the awards received by the company are listed.

The prices for the destinations and the hotel rates differ from client to client and other things that must be taken into consideration. On the website, the clients can find a Special Offers page where all the special packages are listed. These packages include leisure for longer, advance purchase promotion, room with breakfast and last minute for less.

Even though there are no specific details regarding the payment methods accepted by the company, on Terms and Conditions is a paragraph that says all the accounts are payable in Sterling or Euro by cheque or can be settled in cash or by major credit cards accepted by the Millennium Hotel, where the destination is.

There is no need for a return or exchange policy. However, a refund policy should exist, but it is not available on the website. It is possible that each hotel has its own refund policy and that is why a general return policy is not available for the visitors of the website.


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