Most happening cities to get high on live music

by Lucas

If music is something like yoga to you, then you have definitely come to the right place as we are going to discuss something that is quite exclusive to it. Music has the ability to create such a powerful impact on our bodies that it can even help in relieving pain especially if it is concerned with our mental health. What can be great than combining travel with the most vibrant music you have ever listened to in your lifetime. You may be planning on having the most fun and entertaining night or having a trip entirely centered around cool bands. Whatever it is, we have listed our best picks that should be on the list of every music lover.


Havana, Cuba

It has to be on the top of the list. It is said that if you are in Havana and you haven’t listened to live music then you are in big trouble. Music is something that is in the veins of the city. You will find a glimpse of music in every nook and corner in form of talented street performers, venues like El Gato Tuerto and Casa de la Musica. With a large influence of Spain and Africa, music is the heart of its culture. Havana is the place where Rumba actually originated during the 19th century. The place provides you with the most authentic music experience with some diverse scenes that provide an interesting blend of African rhythms and Spanish guitars.


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been popularly known as the cultural capital of Australia. So live music has to be a thing at the place. Being home to a great number of concert venues with international bands and small local acts, you can never fail to entertain yourself in the most amazing manner. Apart from these happening acts, you can even opt for a ticketed event at the Espy, the Palace, or the Hi-Fi. Wandering around the Fitzroy or Brunswick can also be another great option. Here you can find really nice little cubs, bars and pubs.


Tokyo, Japan

Live music is something that is taken quite seriously in Tokyo. You will find a great number of jazz clubs and cafes in the city, but we must tell you to start with the two all-time favorites, Cotton Club and Blue Note. They are really cool and amazing. Being a modern home to the Japanese Jazz, you will find one or the other music events happening every other day in the city. Now you won’t have to just listen to the traditional orchestral court music as it has transformed into something totally cool and hippy.


Austin, USA
This self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World” is a place that is power-packed with live shows that can take place in a year into a few starry nights. And this has been possible due to its Popular Southwest Festival. A place where you can find any kind of music from country blues, puck to funk and jazz. Do visit the entertainment center of the city which is the Historic 6th street. Here you will surely one or the other place to entertain yourself and dance to some amazing tunes. Give your evening a perfect ending by heading to a little Texan barbecue.


Dublin, Ireland

Irish people are kind of fun. And it is not the dedicated live venues that make it great but the classic old pubs and Ireland’s DIY music culture. Yes, it is possible in Ireland to bring in your own instrument and play it in the crowd. It would probably be the coolest thing you would ever do. Other ways to have a fun and relaxing evening can be to drop at one of the local pubs listening to traditional music with a pint of black beer in hand.

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