Most Special Souvenirs You Should Get From Venezuela

by Joseph

Venezuelan land is filled with tropical flavors and an untamed natural landscape that draws in many tourists from across the world. Not to forget that the country is blessed with some of the beautiful man-made wonders as well that reflect the past colonization of the area by Spain.
If you are drawn to visit the place, you are ought to get attracted by the plenty of shopping arena presented here. Through these markets, you can get a good load of things to buy for yourself. So, keep reading to know what things you should get.

Most Special Souvenirs You Should Get From Venezuela

1. Azabache Amulet

Azabache Amulet Venezuelans believe that the black stone of Azabache protects the wearer from curses and evil eyes. This is why the stone is so prolifically worn by men and women here. The stone can be worn as bracelets, rings, or necklaces. It comes set with beads, blue eye stone, or in gold chain, whatever you choose for yourself. The dark shiny stone is also a graceful addition to your accessory collection.

2. Pampero Aniversario

Pampero Aniversario South Americans love their rum and Venezuelans have some quality rums to cater to its tourist base well. Rum is made from molasses which explains why sugarcane is so vivaciously grown here. A famous brand of rum deemed a cult favorite is Pampero Aniversario. With its deep richness and flavor, the drink is drunk by the rustic luxuriant people quite popularly.
You can grab a bottle for your indulgence or come back with a gift for people you think would love to have a sip!

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3. Weaved Baskets

Weaved Baskets

Venezuelans know the art of weaving well. So much so that their handicraft industry popularises weaving through many different types of fibers that are locally produced through agriculture. Baskets are bountiful in the markets here varying in color and size. They are not only lightweight but also environment-friendly. Such weaved products can be used:
• For making gift hampers
• For the dining table set up
• As coasters
• As placemats
• As bread baskets
• As decorative pieces
• As toiletry organizer
• As hats
• As lanterns
…many others things.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Venezuela is a significant producer of cacao which renders this natural capacity of producing the most authentic lot of chocolate. This happens to be a great contributor to its economy as chocolate is exported worldwide. This supply generated several classes of chocolates in countries pursuing high-end chocolate manufacturing. With absolute nuttiness, it is always preferred by tourists. You can take the taste home and enjoy it with your loved partner and kids or bake some delicacies for yourself.

5. Wood Objects

Wood Objects

The country produces some good quality teak and other varieties of wood that are brought to use in several industries of the place. From accessory fruits to furnishing, from beautiful lamps to lavish home interiors, Venezualan dark wood has been a proven preference of many elites.
Don’t be surprised by your shopping spree, we understand that it can get addictive around the farmers’ market where it can get very busy sometimes. You can shop for produce to savor or special souvenirs, or some hand-made items. They are cute and complete.
These items are enough to fill you up with décor and gift ideas. You will love to explore the streets where the shining shops attract visitors. You are sure to find everything your taste likes in the typical south American market. It will come as a great chance for someone bored of not facing the sea for too long.

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