Packing tips for your next Beach vacation

by Emma

The perfect beach vacation calls for sand in your toes and in your hair, tan on your skin and memories of a lifetime in your head. All of us love beaches and if you are planning your next vacation any sooner, then this one is for you. You must know what to pack and how to pack when you are planning to go for the beach vacation. We are here for your rescue and have listed the most important things to note while packing for a beach vacation. Have a look and pay attention the next time you are packing!

Pack a Sarong

The perfect beach vacation calls for your sexy summer clothing. There are so many options when it comes to packing for a beach vacation that you would want to pack your entire wardrobe. But if you ask us, we would suggest picking some really cute outfits that are playful and full of vibrancy. A sarong is a basic piece of clothing in playful prints and colors that can be wrapped over any minimal clothing. Pick minimal clothing like a slip paired with your summer shorts. You can also wear a bikini and overlayer this sarong on it. Sarongs are the perfect beach outfits and must be packed for every beach outing. Carry a hat along and flaunt your sexy style.

Do not pick bulky outfits
Bulky outfits are a big no for your cute beach vacation. Beaches are meant to let yourself loose and relax in your own body. This is why you should never pack voluminous clothing. Always go for light packing and also learn the tactics on how to pack. You should always pack your outfits in rolls so that there is more space for all your essentials. Pack outfits like sundresses, skirts, and shorts along with monokinis. Never pack denim and trousers for a beach vacation. Also, do not carry jackets or coats for your beach vacation. Carry shrugs and mufflers for a cool look. This is advised for the fall season when beach areas become windy.

Pack extra innerwear, always!

Going to the beach is going to result in a lot of wet clothes and wet innerwear as well. If you are going to the beach, be prepared to have a lot of wet clothing. You won’t have time to dry them out so what you have to do is pack extra innerwear for yourself. Pack a lot of extra underwear and lingerie essentials so that you can stay comfortable always. This is the thing with beach vacations that one has to pack come beach clothes and a lot more innerwear clothes. This is more of a necessity so you should always pay attention to such things. You can also pack fancy innerwear to flaunt beneath your see-through tops and dresses.

Have handy flip-flops

Flip flops are another staple pick for any beach vacation. They are casual, smart and with the most comfort. If you are at the beach in your sexy apparel, you obviously do not need heels oar shoes. All you need is some really cute flip-flops that you can take off anytime and dip your feet in the water. The idea behind this is that a beach is a place where you have gone to relax and have fun. Amidst all this, one tends to let loose and forget about their belongings. So you don’t want to lose your expensive collection. It is advised to pack handy flip-flops that can be removed whenever you want. Even if you lose them, there is no regret. For the ultimate style statement, pick it in playful colors.

Sunscreen is a must pick

Whenever you are visiting a place where the sun will be right on your head, just pack sunscreen and say no more. A beach vacation obviously has a lot of sunshine over your head and amidst this, you are bound to get tanned. As the phrase goes, tanned skin, sunkissed hair! This is imperative as you don’t want to wreck your skin because of the fun. No matter what, carry your sunscreen along with an SPF 40 at least. A sunscreen is ought to be applied no matter what the weather conditions are. So when it comes to beach vacations, this is a must. Have it handy in your bag and re-apply it every 4 hours.

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