Places you won’t have even Imagined ever exist

by Joseph

From pink lakes to the gates of hell, our mother nature is pretty wicked with her wonders. We feel that these amazing destinations will make your eyes pop and jaws drop. Oh, and maybe you buy a ticket for your next trip.
Here are some of the most heavenly places Mother Nature has made – let’s explore some facts about them.


1. Stone Forest, China

The Stone Forest of China

Also known as “Shilin” is approximately 56 miles from Kunming city. It was given a UNESCO World Heritage site award. The tall standing stones create the illusion of a grey dark forest. According to the stories this place is the birth place of one of the most beautiful girls of the Yi-people, she was forbidden to marry her love and turned into stone.


2. The Chocolate Hills, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Located at on Bohol Island in the Philippines. This place is filled with as many as 1700 similar sized cone shaped hills. Which is widespread over 20 square miles. The hills are covered by grass but in the dry season the hill’s color changes too chocolate.


3. Eye of the Sahara Desert, Mauritania

Eye of the Sahara Desert

Near the west-central of Mauritania. It is also known as Richet Structure. And this structure is more than 40 kilometers in diameter, consisting of numerous rings of water, land giving it the appearance of an eye. It can only be seen from the sky. It’s mostly made up of carbonates and found that these are 94- 104 million years old.


4. Cave of Crystals, Mexico

Cave of Crystals, Mexico

This paradoxical seen reminds us of a very famous movie -“Superman”. The cave is 300 meters below the ground. This gigantic gypsum crystal was discovered in the year 2000 after the cave was pumped dry. The Cave of the Crystals is a natural marvel in Chihuahua, Mexico. Its main chamber houses some of the largest natural crystals ever discovered, hence the name. The magma within makes the cave unbearably hot and humid, and thus it remains largely unexplored. Nevertheless, this subterranean spectacle is unquestionably one of the world’s most remarkable displays of natural mineral formations.

The Cave of the Crystals is connected to the Naica Mine, 300m (980 ft.) below the ground in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. Despite the Naica Mine having been worked for centuries, the Cave of the Crystals remained undiscovered until the year 2000, when two miners, pursuing traces of silver, broke into the extensive subterranean chamber. Just days later, an iron door was erected in order to protect the entrance.


5. Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Waitomo Cave

Also Known as Glow-worm Caves, situated in New Zealand is one of the most unique seen on this planet, these worms “Arachnocampa luminosa” are the only reason for this. They emit some chemicals that continuously glow to attract their prey. Their whole colony is mounted in the roof of these caves. And appears like stars in the clear dark night sky.

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