Popular food festivals around the world every foodie needs to experience

by Joseph

Food forms a major part of every new traveling destination and you certainly cannot put an end to your trip without relishing their signature and traditional dishes. Every other country specializes in different cuisines and dishes and for the most part, you can find a huge difference in cuisines every few miles and that’s what you call diversity. And this makes us come to the point, owing to the diversity of culture, tradition, belief, heritage, and liking, there are endless festivals that are celebrated across the world. For music lovers, there’s music fest and concert, for thrill-seekers, there are carnivals and amusement parks and for food lovers, there are food festivals that are celebrated in large numbers across the world. For all the foodies out there, we know there can be no better way for you to make the most of your time in a new destination than attending one of their food festivals.
Food festivals serve as a platform for talented chefs to showcase their talent and culinary skills to the world. Some of the finest dishes and cuisines are served during food festivals which can be a literal paradise for any food lover.

If you love food as much as we do then you should experience one of these food festivals that are guaranteed to satiate all your cravings and make you leave with a full belly.


Pizzafest (Naples, Italy)

There are two types of people in this world, one, who absolutely loves pizza and the other who can’t even stand the sight or smell of it and if you belong to the former category then you’re in luck because of every year Naples host the world’s largest pizza celebration where endless varieties of pizza are offered to the visitors. Pizzafest is hosted every year and it lures hundreds and thousands of visitors every year. This is literally a heaven for all the pizza lovers out there where you can taste whole different varieties of pizzas including Margherita, marinara, Napoletana, and much more.


Oktoberfest, (Munich, Germany)

Of course, we cannot forget listing one of the most popular festivals that’s celebrated every year in Germany. Oktoberfest is one of the most highly-anticipated celebrations of brews which call out to every beer lover as the attendees. The fest features 14 beer tents that offer exactly what you came here for and that’s the golden beer. Many different snacks are also served along with beer such as dumplings, roasted meat, pretzels, potato salad, and freshly baked goods. Apart from all the chugging and spilling, you can also bathe in beer, now that sounds fun.


Melbourne food and wine festival (Victoria, Australia)

The Melbourne food and wine festival is one of the most celebrated food festivals around the world and it never fails to amaze the fans with all the dishes, cuisines, and wine served here. The fest features some of the most renowned chefs that showcase their excellent culinary skills. The festival draws a massive crowd every year which takes place at its signature spots around Victoria. The festival continues for 10 days. You can get to taste some award-winning wines, sumptuous lunch, and dinner.


World gourmet summit (Singapore)

If fine dining and world-class cuisines are your things then taking a trip to Singapore’s world gourmet summit should be next on your radar. It is one of the most prestigious food festivals that are celebrated every year. The festival aims at celebrating both global and local cuisines as well as fine dining. Many international culinary stars, celebrated personalities, and home-grown talents form a part of this celebration where they showcase their excellent culinary skills by crafting different dishes and wines.


Pahiyas Festival (Lucban, Philippines)

Pahiyas Festival is one of the most important festivals for Filipinos which is considered as a way to celebrate the harvest. The Philippines is known for its unique culture and delicious food so this comes as no surprise that one of the greatest food festivals is celebrated in the country. The festival takes place every year on 15th May. The entire area of lucban is decorated with colorful rice wafers, native materials, fresh produce, and handicrafts. Various foods, fruits, and vegetables are consumed as a part of the celebration.

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