Puydufou.com Review

by Emma

Since it was created, the Puy du Fou has made protecting the environment and preserving its natural heritage a high priority.

To fulfil its commitment, the Puy du Fou has adopted an overall approach of sustainable development.

Within the framework of its environmental initiative, the Puy du Fou is committed to complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

This initiative is based on 5 key principles:

– Managing their waste and improving the proportion of recycled waste,
– Managing their energy consumption by using new, energy-saving equipment,
– Saving water by managing our consumption of drinking water with new, more efficient equipment, but also by ensuring that their waste water discharges are treated in the best possible way,
– Protecting biodiversity by running internal projects in the park but also through national and international projects to preserve wild species and their habitats,
– Raising awareness of protection of the environment among customers and employees.

In order to fulfil its commitment to sustainable development, the Puy du Fou works with all its teams, partners and suppliers to protect the environment.


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