Reasons why one should indulge in the madness of La Tomatina

by Lucas

The famous La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain is by far, the craziest festival ever which is equally thrilling and full of madness. If you are in Bunol around the last Wednesday of August, then you should definitely attend this festival and tick it off your bucket list. This incredible festival has been prevalent since the year 1945 and has been a tradition since then. Not even one year s skipped without indulging in the vibe of La Tomatina because it is that incredible. One of the sole reasons why Spain is on the bucket list of many is because of this crazy festival. This small town Valencian Bunol is visited by millions of people every year to witness not just the vibe of La Tomatina but also some other things around it. You can do much whilst attending this festival in nearby proximity like visit the white sand beaches or learn about the history of Spain.
What makes this crazy festival worth visiting is a list of things that you can do and learn here. This visit will definitely come out to be fruitful! Here are a few reasons that will help you decide in going to La Tomatina-

#1 One of the biggest cultural galas in the world

La Tomatina is one of the biggest cultural galas in the world. It is by far the craziest and the most gothic festival that brings together people from different corners of the world in this small Valencian town Bunol. This festival not only shows the crazy and fun side of Spain but also hosts massive parades, sets out fireworks and organizes different contests. You can come in direct contact with the local people, other visitors, and tourists and indulge in the mad vibe together. This tomato fight will be remembered forever if you visit it even once.

#2 Photographer’s paradise

The vibe fo La Tomatina is just so crazy and gothic that one would never want to leave this place. Getting into tomato fights is one of the best ways to have fun and painting the world red. The crazy crowd here dances the way off with their friends and other fellow attendees. There is a vibe of loud music, parades and huge trucks coming out with rotten tomatoes. The crazy dancing crowd throwing tomatoes at each other gives all the photographers an amazing chance to click some worth clicking moments. Since everything becomes so beautiful around with the red color of the tomatoes, this festival is definitely a paradise for photographers. Apart from having fun, one can also click some great pictures for a nice collection. Nothing gives you a better shot than hundreds of people covered in red tomatoes.

#3 Offers traditional Spanish cuisine

La Tomatina offers more than just fun and thrill. It is home to the most delicious Spanish Cuisines you will ever find. There is a series of food, drinks, dessert and whatever you name. Everyone knows how famous Spain is for its rich culture, food, and values. So, you are bound to witness some really great picks in all of them at this amazing festival. Spain’s rich food culture has given a number of tasty dishes to the world. So, if you are in the home country itself, you cannot afford to taste all of them. Go for mini sandwich Pintxos, fried potatoes with sauce, etc. Apart from this, multiple food tours are also organized to familiarize visitors with their food culture.

#4 Discover Bunol’s rich history

The Valencian town Bunol hosts La Tomatina every year and has become a hub of fun and thrilling activities. Apart from this fun and thrill factor, Bunol is bestowed with a rich history and cultural vibes. You have a chance to explore this gorgeous town and its rich history and culture in every possible way. It is home to many old buildings and historic sites like The Castillo de Bunol which sits on a small hill since the 13th century and has seen the rise and fall of multiple empires. It is worth the visit so if you plan to attend La Tomatina, you will have a chance to explore much more than that. During the La Tomatina festival, this castle hosts a number of musical concerts as well.

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