Safely carry your money using these smart tips

by Emma

It can be quite tricky when it comes to carrying money on vacation. It a balancing act between safety and utility. You need to keep enough of it so that you won’t get any shortage while enjoying your trip. But don’t keep too much as you are not sure about how much safe is it to carry your valuable items. Make thorough research beforehand and see how much you are going to spend on the trip. Then follow the below tips to keep it in a nice manner.


Divide Money

This is the smartest trick you can follow if you need to carry a large amount of money along with you. Just divide up your cash into multiple safe spots. Do the same with your credit cards. You should do this because if you have all of them in one place, it will take one incident of a thief to empty your hands.

When you reach your destination and if you feel that it is safe to leave it in your hotel room or vacation rental as you won’t need all your cards and cash immediately, do follow this step. And when you go out for the day, keep some money in a bag and some attached to your person. Be smart enough that in case you lose your bag or get caught by a thief, you would still have enough money to reach the police station.


Trim your Wallet

Do you need that library card of yours when you are 3000 miles away from the location? Of course not. Then why to carry the extra baggage. Take out all the extra cards from your wallet and keep just the necessary ones. It can be quite helpful in case your wallet gets lost or stolen. At least you will have fewer elements to replace. Just keep with yourself a primary credit card, a backup along with an identification card and an insurance card.


Buy a Dummy Wallet

If you are traveling to a place you know is prone to pickpockets or mugging, then get a cheap wallet for yourself that looks real enough to fool a decoy and keep it your pocket or bag. Use your brains and stuff it with some bills and papers to make it more real. Add some sample credit cards to make it look more appealing. It can stop the thief from getting to your real wallet. And if the scene is too scary, it gives you enough time to throw and run, so that the thieves can be fooled at least for some amount of time.


Go for Money Alternatives

What can be better than to forego credit card transactions and cash? If you are traveling to one of the metro stations or a city with a public transportation system, you can easily rely on a multi-use ticket or other cash alternatives. Take advantage of the system where you can purchase a lot of tickets at once for a discounted price. You will reduce the chances of losing your wallet to a great extent.


Leave your Valuables in the Hotel Room

You know what the best way to carry money is, it is not to carry it at all. You would be surprised and wonder how you can do this? It is pretty simple, just look out for Hotels’ in-room safes. They are safe and secure to keep any of the items you are worried about taking out. If you do you this, don’t forget to retrieve the items when you leave. It can be possible in a state of rush, as out of sight can easily mean out of mind.

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