Satisfy your cravings at the best restaurants in Paris

by Zoe

Paris is one of the most beautiful and dreamy cities in the world. With the World’s most iconic building Eiffel Tower, Paris is a dream visit for more than half of the world! Apart from being a gorgeous place to live in, Paris is also a very popular hub for French food. It is home to some of the best French cuisines that are just so mouth-watering; you won’t stop at one. This capital city has many popular French food souvenirs which will grab you by the heart- not only for the food they serve but also the interiors! Paris is classy and contagious. If you visit this place once, you would want to go back again and again for whatever reason. Foods that include meat, fish, and poultry are very famous in Paris and everyone loves them. Here we have listed the best places where you can grab these mouth-watering dishes and have the ultimate taste!

Beefbar Paris

Beefbar Paris is located near Champ Elysees and is one of the most historic restaurants in the city. It has been a part of Paris for a long time and is prone to frequent restoration work. The building and artwork are kept intact as a sample of historic culture and we’re glad it exists. This one is an asset for Paris because it features the most delicate and intricate artwork in its interiors. The restaurant is just so beautiful that you’ll forget the food and gaze at its aura first! Beefbar is the perfect place for your fancy lunch and dinners and serves the best meat as well! If you love meat, you will be more than happy to visit this dine out. The menu also includes dishes from Spain and Mexican delicacies.

Girafe, Paris

This one is worth going for the sake of Eiffel Tower! Imagine having your lunch with Eiffel in the backdrop! Isn’t it like a fairytale come true? If you want to make your dining experience worthwhile, then Girafe restaurant is your place to be. You will be welcomed by a very hospitable staff. The food is definitely top-notch with a variety of Seafood, oysters, urchins, etc. from the best regions of Italy. You will be taken aback by the beauty of this place because it has such mind-blowing interiors. You can sit in the open as well and have a spectacular view of the Eiffel. Everything great comes with a price so be ready to pluck a fortune! But if you believe us, it’s totally worth it!


Paris is an incredible place with amazing eateries in all the corners of the city. If you start looking, you will see that Paris has some great restaurants in every region. So this way you can explore all of them and also have a stroll in the neighborhood. This one is located in the city’s glorious covered Art Nouveau arcades and is Paris’ one of the most priced possessions. You can grab a lot of delicacies at this fancy place and have the best taste of French cuisines. Enjoy subtle music in the background, have great food and remember Paris for this gem.


With the best french spirit and jolly people, this one is sure to give you a playful vibe. Set in the trendy Sentier, this one is a hub for the best south-western French food. With heart-warming staff and quirky vibes, this place is something you should add to your bucket list. You are going to grab plenty of junk that is so delicious, so you should learn to say Yes! Such amazing portions of food, fancy sitting, cushion couch, and bistro tables, Joia has a fancy kitchen too. You will love to gaze at its interiors because it is made so artistically.


This one is a blend of France and Japan where the best delicacies from both the countries come together and give you the best combinations ever! Located near Champ Elysees, L’Abysse is possibly one of the best dining places in Paris. You will have the taste of the best Sushi in the world in the interiors of this place and remember Paris later. Grab some artichokes for starters and then continue with the tastiest Oyster. Finish off with a smoking chestnut and satisfy your cravings. You’ll find a lot of choices here that not only preserve their traditional taste but also satisfy the modern blend of delicacies.

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