Street food to try in South Korea

by Lucas

South Korea is one of the most popular countries to visit in recent times. People are getting to know more about this beautiful country through pop music, shows, and their food. Korean food is gaining popularity all across the world and people want to try it. Although you can get a lot of these items on the other end of the world some food is best enjoyed in the country. Such as street food. The best way to enjoy street food is by waiting for it and then enjoying the hot steaming food right beside the stall. Korean markets have a lot of street stalls that sell delicious street food. If you are visiting South Korea, this is one of the important things to do.

1: TTeokbokki(rice cakes)

This is a delicious dish that you can get in any restaurant and on a street stall in Korea. Tteokbokki translates to rice cakes. These are thick and chewy rice cakes that are cooked in spicy sauce. This dish also contains some vegetables and fish cakes. This is a hearty meal that you can have from the roadside stall. You can also see some variations and additions in the dish where people add cheese, seafood, or other food into the dish.

2: Korean fried hot dog

This is a famous street food dish that you can enjoy when walking around the place as well. This is one of the most famous street food dishes that the locals and the travelers love immensely. This is made by placing a hot dog on a skewer and coating it with a dough with is then coated with bread crumbs and sometimes chunks of potatoes and then deep-fried. You can also get a cheese hot dog with has half cheese and half hotdog in it. This is enjoyed with ketchup and mustard.

3: Kimbap

Kimbap means Korean rice roll. Here the rice is salty and savory as it has sesame oil. The rice is rolled over a sheet of dried seaweed laver and then several other items such as vegetables, seafood, meat, and other things are added. Then it is rolled and cut into bite-size for you to enjoy. You can also get a friend version of this roll. You can get a vegetarian version of this rice roll as well. Try this with the tteokbokki sauce.

4: Korean dumplings

How can you miss the famous Korean dumpling when you are in South Korea. These dumplings have varied filling from pork, tofu onions, vegetables, noodles and so much more. There are kimchi dumplings as well. This is a street food that people eat as a hearty meal and enjoy the fresh steamed soft dumplings. There are various ways to cook dumplings and you get different sauces with them as well. Try these delicious hot and fresh Korean dumplings when you are visiting Korea.

5: Korean fish cake

Another dish to try here is the famous fish cakes. These cakes are made with powered fish and dough which is then cooked in savory water made with soy sauce and other ingredients. You can get this kind of fish cake and can also ask for the fish soup in which the cakes are cooked or you can get them in other dishes such as tteokbokki. These two dishes are usually cooked alongside as they complement each other. This is a nice, refreshing dish to have and you can also get this to do and enjoy this while walking around the place.

The list above describes some of the delicious street food that you can get in South Korea. These are super famous and commonly eaten by everyone here. There are some items that you can get in restaurants as well but the experience of having the street food near the stall or sitting nearby is different. Other dishes are famous street food. Look for them when strolling around the market and have a great time enjoying the food. There are so many activities to do and so many places to explore when you are in this wonderful and high-tech country. You would get to experience so many new things here. Have a great time in South Korea.

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