Street foods to try in Bangkok on your next visit

by Joseph

Other than offering some of the majestic attractions, grand architecture, and impressive temples, Bangkok goes much beyond that. Fondly known as the “the land of smiles”, the city is not only one of the best places to explore in Thailand but it can also exceed your expectation at times which is quite a wonderful thing. While visiting and exploring the popular attractions in any new country is possibly the best way to get acquainted with its culture and tradition, but sometimes the food can just be the way to feed your soul with amazingness and gain an experience that’s truly unforgettable and delicious as well.

Bangkok is one of the cities in Thailand that gives you a chance to discover some of the hidden gems and will satiate your taste buds like nobody else. The city is mostly known for its excellent culinary skills which can be easily witnessed through their street food that are full of flavors and does make an explosion when they go inside your mouth. If you want to make your visit to the city more wonderful and delicious then don’t forget to relish their street food which can be found at every corner of the city with numerous food stalls lined through the streets.

To help you make sure that you only invest your time and money on the dishes that are worth trying, we have rounded up a list of a few exotic street foods that are truly worth tasting.


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the most popular or we should say overhyped street food you can try in Bangkok. The dish is also known by the name Thai stir-fried noodles. Besides being popular street food, it is also a comforting food that is full of flavors and maintains a perfect balance between spicy sweetness and sourness. Green cilantro, shrimp, and yellow lemons are served along with stir-fried noodles but the addition of elements and the ingredients can vary from vendor to vendor or as per your liking.
Where to try: Pad thai thip samai, Ban pad thai, Pad thai ekamai


Thai boat noodles

This is one of the best dishes you can try in the city and you can owe it all to the amazing flavors that are present inside it which just explode in your mouth. The dish goes back to the time when it used to be sold on boats, which explains the name. You can still find this dish across the stalls near the river which will feel more authentic whilst also providing you a riverside view that cannot get any better. However, you can also find it in the street food market if that’s how you want to relish it. The dish can be customized as per your liking as you can pick the noodles and soup to go with it. It is served in a small bowl, and you definitely won’t feel satiated with just one bowl of this dish, that’s a guarantee.
Where to try: Visit the boat noodle alley near Victory monument to find the best Thai boat noodles.


Thai steamed dumplings

Dumplings are almost every person’s favorite and when you are getting a chance to taste a Thai version of it, we would recommend you not to miss the opportunity. Just try a plate of steamed dumplings and you surely wouldn’t be disappointed. The filling inside the dumpling usually comprises water chestnuts, crab meat, pork, and shrimp which is then wrapped in a dough wrapper. The dumplings are then allowed to steam and are usually served with a dip or sauce.
Where to try: Dumpling is one of those dishes that can be found in almost every other street with each one of them tasting equally delicious.


Thai green curry

Thai green curry is yet another one of the most loved Thai cuisines on the menu. It is basically a staple food for the natives of the country which was originated by the Indian immigrants and since then it has been very popular among the locals and tourists alike. This highly nutritious dish is made using eggplant, sweet basil leaves, green chilies, lime leaves that together provide a very tempting and delicious green hue to the dish. This dish can also help you with cold and cholesterol.
Where to try: Baan Glom gig and Krua apsorn are two of the best places to try this delicious dish.


Coconut ice cream

No meal can feel complete without relishing a dessert. And that’s why we decide to add at least one dessert to the list. There can be no better option than coconut ice cream to try in the city. Apart from its taste, the main highlight of this dish is its serving method which is served in a neatly cut coconut. And don’t mistake it as ordinary ice cream as you might be left surprised after taking a bite from it which will surely blow your mind. The ice cream is made from coconut milk which is then served with boiled corn kernels and peanuts.
Where to try: Jim Thompson house and the local vendors on the street.

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