Taste the most Delicious Noodles around the world

by Emma

Noodles are one of the most loved cuisines around the world because they look tempting and taste even more delicious. These yummy strands are a must-try for everyone because they are prepared in their own authentic way in different types of the world. If you wish to taste the best ones, here is a list of our favorites. Check them out-


Spaghetti from Italy

Italian food is one of the most loved cuisines in the world and if you love it too, you must be fond of these tempting noodles too. Noodles don’t even need an introduction because they are a staple food diet in some countries and are the most favorite cuisine in some. Even in your home country, you must have tastes different types of noodles and all of them are crazily yummy. These Italian noodles that we have picked for our list are one of the most iconic dishes ever made. Spaghetti noodles are distinct from regular noodles because they are long and thin looking. The look is different and the taste is incredible. If you consume this one with a meatball, there is nothing like it. Traditionally made from water and durum wheat semolina, this spaghetti is the tastiest Italian dish you will ever have. Have it with mixed sauces or meatball for the ultimate taste.


Udon from Japan

Japanese traditions cannot lag behind when it comes to food and these noodles are proof for it. Popularly known as White Japanese wheat flour noodles, Udon is thick in size and is a very important dish in Japan. The unique thing about Udon is that they are made in a lot of shapes and thickness as well as a lot of different ways too like dried, pre-cooked as well as shrink-wrapped. A south Japanese cuisine, Udon is often served in a hot soup for the best tastes. You would become a fan of this even if you have it just once. The best way to prepare Udon is to prepare it with a mildly flavored broth called Kakejiru and then topped with scallions. Some other topping like tempura, fish cakes as well as tofu with mint or soy sauce. There might have different flavors for preparing these Udon noodles and all of them taste pretty good.


Cold Sesame Noodles from China

When you think of noodles, you immediately jump to China. Chinese noodles are the most popular noodles in the world and there is no doubt about the fact that there freshly prepared noodles have literally no match. From a variety of noodles that are prepared in China, these cold sesame noodles are truly distinct. They are just as satisfying as any other noodles with a unique flavor of Szechuan along with spicy sauces. These particular noodles are made using peanut oil, sesame oil, and hot chile for added flavors. The fact that they are cold brings about a great contrast as well as incredible taste because of the hot-cold-spicy elements. Have this delicious dish without giving it a miss!


Japchae from Korea

The most distinct noodles you will ever have! These glass noodles are the most delicious noodles you will ever have in this cuisine. They are prepared from potato starch and have all the possible flavors you can think of. Although this one is typically served as a side dish, it is still one of the most loved international cuisines around the world. Korea offers a blend of tastes and cultures, it believes in experimentation and that is how these noodles came into existence. A stir-fried glass noodle dish, Japchae is served with a sweet and savory flavor. This contrasting flavor is a must-try for anyone who loves the idea of having noodles. In Korea, this is a staple food served along with many other dishes, now you know the reason for it. Grab it right away.


Cacio e Pepe from Italy

Another classic from Italy! This amazing dish of thin noodles is the most amazing flavor of all things beautiful. It has the perfect amount of sauces along with seasonings. Cacio e Pepe is basically an authentic dish in Italy and it is a staple for many people there. Prepared using Tonnarelli which looks like spaghetti, along with eggs, this dish is a must-have for everyone. These noodles are served with a sauce and are basically stirred in a sauce, we rather say. This sauce is prepared with cheese, pasta water for added flavor and black pepper for a mind-rushing taste. Because of pepper, it is a bit spicy but tastes just perfect!

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