The most off-beat places you can visit around the World

by Joseph

The world is full of weirdness and that has not only to do with the living beings that we are surrounded by but also the places that are quite rare and uncommon to find on usual days. Well, we are always left intrigued whenever we hear of any such weird place around us and when there are so many places in the world that are very unique and different in their own ways, we cannot help but wonder what all they are. While traveling teaches us so many different things and lessons and most people like to go safe and quite obvious with their destination choices but one should also expand their horizon and be open to any kind of adventure they can get to experience. And having said that, if you have been quite bored of visiting all those hyped and popular destinations and are open to experiencing something new and unique then you should definitely go through this article. We have put together a list of the most unique and off-beat places you can find around the world and how each place has something very interesting to offer.

Glass Beach, California, USA

Nature has its own way to deal with things. And this glass beach is a result of that only. After years and years of collecting all the waste products and garbage that was dumped on the beach. It was in the year 1960 when the dumping of the garbage on the beach was banned but by that time, the sea got inundated by all the items that was dumped on the beach including bottles, cans, electrical appliances and much more. Everything that was once thrown into the water is now being ejected out by the sea in the form of colorful pebbles. Over time, the waves made the items softer, which then resulted in these colorful stones and now they are the reason, why the beach has become popular.

Socotra Island, Yemen

This remote island looks no less than a setup location which is read to shoot for a sci-fi movie. Everything about this place is a little weird, right from its unique and interesting wildlife to endemic and ancient plants including dragon’s blood trees and bottles trees. The island certainly has a very weird vibe to it and this might be one of the reasons why this area is separated from mainland Africa for millions and millions of years.

Pamukkale, turkey

Located on the western side of turkey, Pamukkale is a small town that is known for its thermal pools where you can take a quick dip in the water. Pamukkale is also home to the ancient ruins of Hierapolis which once used to be a city that was surrounding the area. This extraordinary place is the best example of history colliding with nature in the most astonishing and fascinating way. The surreal white travertine terraces, being overrun with warm water cascading from natural springs makes for such a stunning view. The water collected on the terraces make for a great thermal pool in which you can take a quick dip.

Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

This lake is one of a kind and for that reason; it is definitely one of the places that is better seen in person. While during the winter and spring season, the lake may look just like any other water body but it’s during the summer season when it comes to its truest form. As the water starts to evaporate, the waterbed is left with several small spots containing the lake water. Each spot has a different hue to it which looks so beautiful and whimsical at the same time. The lake can be accessed via highway 3 which is located northwest of Osoyoos.

The Tianzi Mountains, china

Located in the Hunan province of china, these tianzi mountains are one of the most highlighted features of the country. Tall cylindrical-shaped mountains covering the area offer a really stunning view of the peaks and the stones. The limestones are covered with lush greenery which makes the view even more gorgeous and breathtaking. It’s easy to access this place as there are a number of trails leading from Huangshi village that give you plenty of opportunities to discover these beautiful mountains.  

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