The most scenic road trips to take in the U.S.

by Joseph

Taking a break from your hectic daily routine always sounds a good idea and there can be no better way to unwind from your boring, mundane routine than taking a road trip within the country. Much like any other foreign vacation, road trips can be exhilarating too and they are best done with your friends and family but going solo can prove to be more enriching and thrilling. No matter how you choose to do it, one thing is for certain that you’re going to have a gala time on this trip that will make you forget all your worries and make your little vacation an unforgettable one.

Luckily enough, the U.S. hosts some of the most scenic routes within the region that are sure to blow your mind away with their absolutely incredible views and the stunning landscapes. If you are up to discover America from a different perspective then you must consider taking a road trip up and down, across and around the different states in the U.S.


Pacific Coast Highway, San Francisco to Los Angeles

Take a drive down the pacific coast highway that runs along the stunning western coastline. This road trip brings along plenty of exhilarating and fun-filled things that are sure to leave you wanting more of this adventure. If you are not in any rush, then make sure to take good three to four days to get done with this road trip and make the most of your time by making a few stops at some of the attractions along the way such as Alcatraz Island, the golden gate bridge, big Sur National Park and much more.


The Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most panoramic routes you will ever come across in the U.S. The entire route is filled with a bounty of stunning landscapes that are worth admiring through every season. This route adapts itself according to the changing weather and still manages to look simply breathtaking every single time. From forest canopy in summer to hot-cider ski resorts during winter, no matter the season, this route never ceases to leave you mesmerized. It is a 500-mile picturesque view, which also gives you access to some of the scenic hiking trails and waterfalls along the way.


Route 66

This 2,200-mile long route 66 is one of the most classic and longest routes in the U.S., which takes no more than 2 weeks to cover the entire route. And if you plan on making stops at some attractions and places along the way, then it can roughly take an entire month to make the most of this route. If you truly want to get under the true American spirit, then cruising through this route is a must thing for you, which is also lined with some of the most explored and unexplored places including museums, restaurants, and towns.


Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West

Covering as many as 42 bridges through its entire route, the overseas highway is one of the shortest road trips you can take in the US. It connects two of the most popular beach destinations in Florida. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across a series of stunning views in the form of ocean and islands. It merely takes three to four hours to complete the journey but you can choose to lead the trip on your own pace, making few stops to explore the hidden gems along the way.


Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington

Take a road trip to one of the most scenic and only major routes in the peninsula where wilderness takes over and surrounds you in the form of thick forests. The route covers some of the most spectacular views of the rainforest and mountains that only add to the beauty of this place. This route is ideal for people who are into scenic drives and want to enjoy water activities such as sea kayaking.

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