Things to keep in mind while travelling in Winters

by Emma

Travelling can be a passion for the one and enjoyment for the other; it can be a soothing mode or the exploration, depends upon the person and the way of living a life. But what so ever is the intention for the travelling, few things are very necessary which should be kept in mind while you travel during winters especially. Our readers will surely take few tips from this for their visit to kick start and relaxing end.



Quick check about Weather: As we all know almost all kind of information is being provided to us on the surfing engines, so it’s mandatory when we plan to go out in winters, we take a quick check of the climate conditions, where we wish to travel. Packing while keeping the climate conditions in mind would not give a shock after reaching at the destination.

Pack light: Try to pack the necessary things only. Extra things would just make you load the weight and you would not need as much as you think. Just be true with yourself, how much can you carry.



Try to keep 3-4 t-shirts instead of packing  more woolens and keep 2 woolens. Pack a basic pair of black pants for easy contrast with everything. Irrelevant material would screw even while searching for the relevant one. Other important thing is that, if the limited stuff is being carried with than huge shopping can be done during your trip without the stress of carrying.

Keep Backpack: Try to Pack the things in backpack because it’s easy to carry other than the suitcases and the handbags.



So that without keeping or forgetting your stuff anywhere, you may enjoy the things around you.

Pack Thermals: Try to wear warm inner clothes even after wearing woolen outside because that would help you to accommodate with the weather conditions of any place without harming your health and keep a pair in the luggage as well.

Overcoats/ Jackets: Always keep an overcoat with you while travelling in winters. It is something very necessary to protect you from cool winds,



snowfall and storms even. But it’s not necessary to keep number of that, just keep one but warm is enough for a trip.

Winter Accessories: Travelling in winter would not allow you to flaunt your curves on the beaches or on the mountainous hills therefore the accessories like woolen gloves, scarves, caps, socks, handkerchiefs, sunglasses etc. should be kept than other fashion accessories.



Try to keep few more pair of socks than you think you need. Two pair of shoes would be more than enough or a pair of boots can be kept, for the plane and for the snowy hills as well.

Advance booking: Avoid booking of the hotel after reaching at the destination because rooms may not be available and hotels are busy due to hoarding of tourists, moreover it would be difficult to search for a hotel in cool weather and of course you would love to just being cozy in your room after journey. Advance booking does not cause any harm and you can enjoy your journey without any stress.

A separate handbag: Try to keep a small handbag with you which will carry your mobile, charger, earphones, a moisturizing lotion, a small towel, lip balm, your passport or the necessary documents while travelling, money, credit or debit cards, any book etc.



Make sure you keep one of your credit or debit card somewhere else in the luggage bag, in case any disaster happens like, stolen of money, you would be able to use that.

Carry few medicines: When you are travelling in winters you must keep few medicines with you like pain killers, Muscle relaxant gel, hot water bottle if possible, medicine for vomiting, cold & cough, Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, etc.

Happy Travelling!!!

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