Things You Must Know About as a Traveler to Japan

by Joseph

With immense culture, traditions, stunning buildings, royal palaces, temples and shrines, parks, technology, games, sweet people and so much more, japan is one the top places that people would love to visit. People who love new technology want to spend time and buy new and fancy products, people who like games want to visit, some love cherry blossoms and some Japanese fashion. Travelers just need a simple reason to visit a place and japan provides them with numerous. You get to see so many things that you never saw before or activities that you get to take part in. japan is such an amazing country to visit and have time away from your hectic schedule. Just be updated with the traditions and rules here before traveling.

Important Information for Visitors to Japan

1: No tipping

No tipping There is no culture of giving a tip when it comes to eateries and restaurants in japan. It is considered bad if you tip and people here would return you any extra money other than the one stated on the bill. Tourists here often mistakenly tip the server or the water which then creates confusion. You should just pay the bill without giving any extra money. You can give words of appreciation or even a gift as a token instead at some restaurants.

2: Do not be noisy

Do not be noisy People here are very polite and calm and do not like disturbing others. Travelers have a stereotype of being loud and noisy here, especially when it comes to using transportation. People here ride the train to commute from one place to another and one can easily tell who is a foreigner by their behavior. It is rude to talk on the phone, listen to music at a loud volume, or eat on the train. This is the common area where everyone is there and thus you should avoid talking, try to use headphones, and avoid eating if possible.

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3: Have bullet train experience

Have bullet train experience The Japanese bullet train is another experience in itself and you should get the experience. You can ride one and get to commute from one place to another fast and on time. This is the easiest way to commute in japan. These trains are on time and you can get on one by buying a ticket or a pass. If you are here to stay for a long time, you should get a prepaid card that you can utilize while traveling on metros and trains.

4: Learn about the right shoes

Learn about the right shoes Japanese used different kinds of shoes for different areas. They wear normal shoes and sandals when they are out of the house. Inside the house, they change their shoes before entering the place. They have an entry area where they keep their outdoor shoes and change into indoor slippers. There are different slippers for toilets. You need to know where can you wear your outdoor shoes and where not.

5: Make sure to bring products with you

Make sure to bring products with you Visiting such a wonderful country, you need to shop a lot and get things that you can take back with you. You can get some amazing chocolates and snacks that are only available in this country and can also go for skin care products. There are so many different types of products that are of great quality and that you can use get for yourself and your people back at home. You need to know about all the popular items that are not available anywhere else that you can buy and carry back with you.


These rules and etiquettes help in creating a nice society and make people work in a peaceful environment. You as a traveler and tourist to a new place need to know about different kinds of rules that are used here so that you get to travel peacefully and you do not disturb people around you. If you are in a new place then you should respect their cultures and traditions so that the people living there have no problems and you get to have a great time there. Japan is a wonderful country with amazing people, who are extremely helpful and welcoming. They make people feel at home. get to know about hidden gems in the cities you visit.

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