The land of the joyous dance form Garba and mouthwatering food, we are here in Gujrat. A beautiful westernmost state in India, Gujarat is a rich land wrapped in history and much to be amazed with its geographical treasure. Home to the world’s least expensive car and the milk paradise, read along to know why Gujarat is where you need to visit this season.

Rich History-


The state of Gujarat has been witnessing the very germ of history from time memorable. It’s interesting to know that the state holds a crucial position and still the traces of the great Indus Valley Civilization. Lothal, world’s first seaport happens to be in Gujarat. Today we find only the remnants of these historically rich sites but these places are enough evidence to prove the importance of Gujarat in the glorious past.

Throughout history several noted rulers ruled in this wonderful land and gifted it with some of the best structures in history. Some of the finest sites which you got to see while in Gujarat include ancient reservoir at Dholavira, Rani Ki Vav (located in Patan, is a World Heritage Site dating back to 11th century), Teen Darwaza (historical gateway), Taranga Jain Temple, Jhulta Minara, Jama Mosque (Champaner)

Rani Ki Vav

Fairs & Fun-

International Kite Festival

In a country like India where festivals are a major part of the people, Gujarat is no exception. One of the most popular festivals in Gujarat is the International Kite Festival which is celebrated every year in the month of January the 14th. The festival is called Uttarayan which boost up huge number of tourist who flock to the kite capital Ahmedabad to witness the kite flying spree. Popular with the name of Makar Sankranti among the Hindu population, this festival brings joy and merry making among the mass.

Dandiya Raas

Pretty much we all know about Dandiya and Garba which are two very popular dance form of Gujarat but are now performed in all parts of India because of the fun and joy it unfurls. To enjoy this dance form to the fullest, you got to visit Gujarat during Navratri festival when the Navratri evenings are more colorful and full of lights backed up by these fabulous dance forms.

Kutch Mahotsav

The Kutch Mahotsav or Runn Utsav is again one of the best fiestas celebrated in the state which is an epitome of celebrations of life and Gujarati culture. The event is celebrated in Kutch, displays the best of the arts and crafts of the state. There are several packages available for visitors to enjoy the big day. The festival takes place in the month of February.

Amazing Wildlife-

King of the Jungle at Gir Forest National Park

Another aspect of Gujarat that makes the place worth visiting and visiting yet again is its wildlife stock. It is a good to know fact that Gujarat is the only home for Asiatic lions and the present natural habitats of lions after Africa. To view more of this wild gem a trip to Gir Forest National Park is what is worth. Apart from the lion we might also spot the Nilgai, leopard, Chital, four horned antelope, wild boar and some varieties of reptiles.

Places of Interest-

India’s most culturally rich state enlists some of the finest places to interest to its name. Here are some of the places you dare not skip when in Gujarat-


Do we need an introduction to this? This pious city of Lord Krishna is one of the most celebrated religious sites among Hindu devotees. One of the four dhams in India, Dwarka unveils the serenity and natural charm that makes it so inviting.

Sabarmati Ashram- home to the great soul Mahatma Gandhi, Sabarmati Ashram is located in Ahmedabad on the banks of river Sabarmati. This is where Gandhi led the Dandi march. Now a museum, this place exhibits photos and some of the noted belongings of Gandhi ji.

Saputara- located with the Sahyadris in the backdrop, Saputara is the only hill station in Gujarat. The Sunrise Point is a very well-known spot in this town and you must visit the place to know why.


Kalika Mata Temple

exquisite architecture and splendid décor is what Champaner is all about. This place serves as one of the most historically rich sites with amazing collection of structures and historical monuments untouched by time. Jama Masjid, Sikandar Shah’s Tomb, Pavagadh Fort, Kalika Mata Temple, Makai Kothar are some of the great architectural and historical wonders resting in Champaner.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary- a natural haven for thousans of migratory birds, this place has a shallow lake which has become stock of interest for birds of over 250 varieties. Interesting isn’t it? This place is one of the best spot for any nature lover.

Great Food-


How can you not be excited about food when in Gujarat? Some of the best recipes of India come from this corner of the country. Dhokla is the most popular dish of Gujarat. Some of the most loved recipes that you should definitely try are Thepla, Handva, Gathiya, Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu, Basundi, and Golpapdi.

You can’t have enough of Gujarat. With great tradition and food, amazing people are what makes this place worth a visit.

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